Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Aunt Rachel is coming!!!

Tomorrow is a very special day for us! Tomorrow Aunt Rachel flies in from NC to spend a week with our family and we couldn't be more excited! Please keep her in your prayers until she arrives here safely!

I don't know if I have ever written about how my friendship with Rachel started. It sounds crazy in a way, but we literally met over the internet on a Marine wive's support forum. We were both members of the forum when our husband's (at the time they were our boyfriends and fiancee's) first joined the Marine Corps. From miles and miles away, we began building a strong foundation for our friendship by connecting on a deep spiritual level. I moved to NC in September of 05 and a few months later, Amos was scheduled to come home from his first deployment to Iraq. Rachel needed a place to stay and I was thrilled to invite her into our home. We were literally inseperable from that day forward. We shared in deployments, training, my pregnancy with Nora, more training and Nora's birth among a million other things that year. Then, we shared in the heartache of us having to move home to Illinois to go through yet another deployment in which Daniel would have to be away from Nora and I for 6 months. Every day, Rachel was the voice on the other end of the phone that gave me hope and strength. She was the voice on the other end of the phone the moment after I found out that I was pregnant yet again--with Braden! She wasn't so enthusiastic then. haha. In May of last year, she flew here to stay 3 weeks with Nora & I and then we went back with her to finish out the summer until Daniel got home. We literally lived together for months at a time and crazily enough, not only did we NOT want to kill each other, but our friendship grew even deeper than we both could have imagined. She was with me for Daniel's homecoming and we had Nora's first birthday party at her house. Uncle Amos came home that night and it was extremely special for all of us!

My friendship with Rachel is like nothing that I can ever describe. God sent her to me to fill a void that I truly didn't ever know I had. Her laughter and mine combined can change lives! We cry, giggle, and vent to each other about everything. We have shared so many deep, meaningful revelations and have helped each other grow in our walk with Jesus daily. This woman is my rock. Her husband was the stability that Nora & I needed when mine was at war. Daniel & Amos have a friendship that I truly believe also goes unspoken and I am blessed to have been able to share my life with them.

Aunt Rachel has yet to meet or even see this little man. I know she will cry and cry and laugh and laugh. She will eat his toes, make him giggle and cry again at the mere thought of leaving, let alone the actual act of walking away. We will forever be bonded by this experience called life that we have shared. God has proven to me that there is a purpose for each and every thing that we do in life, even the smallest things such as joining a support forum in order to build a life-long, unique friendship. I thank Him daily for this gift! Cant wait to see her smile!

Rachel feeling Nora kick at my baby shower in NC.

Rachel & Amos with Nora when she was just 5 days old!

My best friend!
Sleepy days with Aunt Rachel in NC

Rachel's trip here in May of last year-
Mommy & Aunt Rachel on Nora's birthday (that's Braden in there!)

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