Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Children.

The Bible is very clear when it comes to our children. God ordained them to be very unique and special. He made them to be blessings in our lives. He birthed them into our lives for a purpose and a reason. God is going to use my children to do His works and I will accept nothing less!

The picture to the left of Nora is her praising the Lord. She is 18 months old and prays with us daily. We have prayed over her little life from the time she was in my womb. Our prayer has always been that her spirit would be quickened to the things of God. When she hears music, she automatically knows that she can raise her hands and dance because we have played only worship music in our home. We daily try to encourage her in the things of God, even now. She is a beautiful example of how we are to love God based on faith alone. Love Him and trust Him with faith alone.

Braden is 5 months old next week and he just got 2 teeth! He is growing and changing every single day and finally I can see his personality sprouting! He is giggling and talking so much with his little voice and his expressions have even changed lately. We pray the same thing over his life that we do over Nora's only we know that we have to parent this little boy differently in a way. He is going to grow and become a man. A head. A spiritual guide to his own wife and children. A provider, and a leader. He will someday love and serve God as well and we are confident of that. The blood of Jesus covers these chldren's lives and we are humbled by their innocence and beauty. Daily Braden is teaching me how to be a better, more patient mother. It has not been easy most days, but I am learning from him as he is growing. I thank God for this boy.

I also thank God for their father. Daniel is an amazing man of God and last night during worship at our church, I looked up at him playing his guitar but stopping to raise his hands and I was in awe of the transformation that God made in His life so many years ago. He loves leading people into a place of complete and utter sacrafice to God. Past the outer courts and into the Holy of Holies with Jesus! What a blessing to know that our children have such a fine example of a Godly man who loves and cares for them like no other. My love and respect for him grows daily and I am so thankful for this marriage!

I am also currently thanking God for His concern with the "little things" in our lives. I have officially lost 14 pounds in 3 weeks and have 15 more to go! I have been praying and staying faithful to my diet and exercise program and am so excited for the progress that I am making. It feels great to have control of my life and my body. What a great reward to see such fast results! I have also encouraged 2 other people to take control of their lives and start weight watchers as well! I am thankful for God in my life more now than ever!!!

This week we took Jake to a Christian concert. He is showing so much interest in God lately and I am so thankful. I pray every day that we can be a good spiritual guidance in his little life. It is so important and so vital for his future!

Here are a few pictures of the kids! Enjoy until next time!--

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