Thursday, February 21, 2008

Family update!

I wanted to update everyone on all of us because it has been awhile since I have written about life in the Larson world.

Nora is 18 months old. She is saying so many new words and loves to watch Barney these days. She is so smart and loves to dance. She still praises the Lord and sings when I do. She prays now everytime we eat and at bed time which is just amazing to watch. I truly believe that she senses the spirit of God when she cries out to him, even at her age. She is sick today and yesterday and has been so clingy and fussy, but all in all she is good! She is the joy of my entire world.

Braden is almost 6 months! Can you believe it? He has two teeth and is rolling everywhere! He recently started army crawling so when I leave the room and come back he is nowhere near where I left him to begin with. He is so handsome and is giggling so much lately! He is definately 100% more happy now that he can move around and his body is more active. We are also feeding him baby food 3 times a day which has made the world of difference in his little life! He is still not sleeping through the night but I have noticed a little improvement in the last week, so here's hoping I will soon get that night of peaceful quiet that I have been longing for!!!

Daniel LOVES his new job at the post office. He is catching on quickly and is enjoying the challenge. This is the happiest I have seen him in a VERY VERY long time! He is still playing worship on Wednesday nights for the youth group and enjoys it so much!

I am doing well. I have lost 19 pounds to date. I have 11 more to go until I reach my ultimate goal and am back to pre-Nora pregnancy weight! :) I feel really accomplished, dedicated and focused. I feel in control and proud of myself for having the discipline to stick with something that I also really enjoy. I am still taking pictures occasionally and enjoy that so much. I have very little time to myself and most days I like it that way. The kids exhaust me but I miss them so much when Im away, even for a few minutes.

We havent heard anything new on the house since last week so as of now, we are still planning on a March 8th closing. I have bought all new furniture, a new area rug, new bedding sets for the kids' rooms and new dressers for them as well. I am ready to move into our first real home together being a complete family! It's the most exciting time in our lives and Im so thankful to God for all that He is doing in us and through us. He deserves all the glory for every good and perfect thing!!! Here are some recent pics of all of us! Enjoy.

Nora trying to wear her brothers boot. haha.

My sweet sweet girl

Mama, 20 pounds lighter and loving every second of it!

Trying to get Nora kisses...
Got one!
Big, happy boy!
Daddy & Nora watching Barney...(daddy was sleeping)
Nora loving on Uncle Jake
My babies!
Feeling silly
If beautiful was a place, she would be the queen.
My life is more than perfect....just look at those eyes and see for yourself. :)
little man.
smily guy.

Precious gift!
Learning to play like dad.
eating, of course!
Happy boy.
Mama & Nora gigglin the day away.
Oh cutie pie.

Looks like his dadddddyyyyyy
So happy!
Nora wearin daddy's shirt!
Brother man gigglin at grandma sara

Two teeth!

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Mrs. R said...

You have such a beautiful family. I can not believe how big the kids are. I miss you all and want to see you!