Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Goodbye for now Aunt Rachel.

Aunt Rachel left today. It was a very hard goodbye for me because for the first time in a long time, I havent had to do it. Having her here felt normal and right. Watching her leave felt horrid and was so upsetting. We figure it will be at least 9 months before we see her and Amos again which will be the longest stretch since we met. Anyway, it was a great visit! We went to church together, got our hair cut and dyed and just enjoyed each other (and she enjoyed these babies!!!) Nora loved having her here and Rache learned alot about Braden. I laughed more than I hae in a long time! Rache lost 10 pounds on weight watchers while she was here and I lost another pound this week, bringing my grand total to 16 pounds lost so far! What a joy to have her in our home! I love love love her more than she knows! Here are just a couple pictures...
Braden fell asleep with Aunt Rachel on the floor! That never happens!
Aunt Rachel got her hair cut shorter than it has ever been before! a moment of madness.
Aunt Rachel and her lady early in the mornin...

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