Saturday, February 9, 2008

Let me tell you something about God!

As I was reading the story of the rich man in Mark 10:17-31 today, I thought for a moment about our lives. We literally have left our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, friends and belongings to follow God's will. We moved across states and Daniel went to over 20 different countries because God so ordained his steps to do so! What a blessing to know that we have been obedient with the greatest part of ourselves and we have sacrificed everything in the name of Jesus!!!
Last Sunday Daniel and I took the kids and Rachel around town to go to a few open houses. We had nothing else to do and thought it would be a fun day. The first house that I walked into was on West Webster street. The kids were sleeping so Rachel stayed in the car with them. Daniel and I went inside. The selling agent for the house was Peg Thompson, who worked for Pawpy in his real estate office for over 20 years. Immediately I felt a peace come over me and when leaving the house, I literally felt God say "This is your home." Strange...I know. I was completely against buying a house so soon until that moment.
I loved the house! It was beautiful and modern and everything I had wanted in my own mind. I was so excited! We went home that night and Daniel and I decided to pray alot about it. 2 days later, I called the office and asked if we could see the house again on Thursday. Peg said she was going to call us that day if she didnt hear from us because she knew we were interested. Thursday night we went back to look at the house, asking more questions and finding small things that we thought needed to be done before we would want to commit to buying it. We decided not to make an offer or any decision that night. We would go home and pray about it and find out what we were approved for as far as financing the next day. We prayed "God if there is one thing that does not go smoothly, we will know it is not your will for us to own this home." God is not a God of confusion or frustration. He is a God of clarity, peace and discernment. He is a God of wonders and prosperity!
We left that night asking ourselves if we could afford it, what kinds of sacrifices would have to be made and so on. When we got home and opened the mailbox we were suprised to see yet another confirmation that God is handling things! Daniel's compensation letter from the Marine Corps came and besides the negative news that he has 3 minor things wrong with his body permanenetly, we were elated to see that he will be getting a good amount of money each month from now until forever for those problems! Could the voice of God be any clearer? Daniel cried. I cried. We were almost sold. We are such humans...
The next morning after a long night of worship and prayer and talking and hoping, the lady from the finance department of a mortgage company called. I had been waiting all morning. She said that we had "great credit" and that we were "pre-approved for the loan..." We were good to make an offer on the house! So I called Peg immediately and set up an appointment for 6 pm last night.
We went to the house to meet and everyone went with us. Jeni, Jake, Mom, Dad, Pawpy and Eileen. I think that the verdict was in immediately. Everyone LOVED the house, but there were a few things that needed to be fixed. Everyone left and we asked alot more questions and made our decision.
We offered less than the asking price and included a list of things that we wanted done before moving into the house. Without any problems, the man accepted our offer and is going to do the things we asked him to do (except one.) He is also including a table, 3 barstools and will give us 1500 dollars at closing for all new appliances!
God is God!!! He is our provider and our shelter. He desires for us to have a prosperous attitude and not a poverty mentality. We are people of God who tithe our money for the cause of Christ and are faithful in doing so. It affects your ever decision, and every blessing! You CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO GIVE! The fruit of our obediance is healthy children, faithful partnerships, loving family, a new home and so much more! "Things" are not what is important to us but God desires to bless us. I truly know and believe that. God gets all of the glory for working this situation out perfectly--and I mean perfectly. Not one thing was hard, stressful or confusing. It has been simple and enjoyable. It took place in 5 days nonetheless.
Trust in Him and in all your ways acknowledge Him! He truly is the King of Kings. He is alive and working in our lives! He is so real and so amazing that there are not enough words for me to express my love and gratitude about Him. He is breathtaking and magnificent. He is perfect. Just perfect. For the first time in a very long time, I am speechless and at a lost for words. I am just quietly in awe of this God and this thing He has done for us!!!!

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That is so amazing! Congratulations!