Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Signing our life away.

Today we meet with the lady from the mortgage company. I assume we will sign the dotted line one final time and be bound to this house for life. Im ok with that. Its beyond beautiful.

I was looking at Daniel last night and I was thinking about how much he has gone through at just 23. He has been to war. Twice. He has come home to not one child, but two. He has potentially found his career job, has officially bought a home and is the best man that I know! He is young and tired. He is determined to provide for this family and give these kids more than they couold ever even hope for. He is the best father! I am filled with so much gratitude that I cant even put it into words. All I know is that this man that is my partner is a great one. He is so loving and gentle and yet so stern and focused. I am so compelled by his goodness and faithfulness to this family. I am so proud of him and his sacrifices!

I have officially lost 16 pounds. I feel great but I wish that I could just get the rest of it off. I am ready to not have to work at it quite so hard. haha.

Im so excited to decorate the house and especially the kids' rooms! I am so thrilled that we will all have our own space finally. I cant wait to make it look and feel like home. I cant wait to pray through the house!!! God is surely going to bless this family!

I miss Rachel. Bad. I haven't told her how much I miss her. But I know she knows. I also haven't told her how proud of her I am for sticking to weight watchers, paying off their bed and so much more! She is such a good, strong Christian woman and wife! I love love love her more than she'll ever know!

Anyway, thats it for us. I'll keep you updated on our house and I cant wait to invite everyone over for our open house!!
! :)

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