Saturday, February 16, 2008

A time of blessing.

This week has been remarkable! Daniel had Wednesday off of work and so we took the kids and decided to go look for furniture for our new house. The furniture we have now has been the same since I moved out when I was 19. It's nice, but I wanted something new that we could have from here on out...probably until the kids are much older. I also wanted our very own, new dinner table for our new dining room. I wanted it to be cherry wood to match the beautiful armoir that Daniel built in high school shop class so that we could put it in the room as well. Anyway, we ended up finding exactly what we wanted and for an AMAZING price! The store we went to was having it's "Presidents Day" sale so we got a great deal! A new sofa, loveseat, coffee table, chair, ottoman, two end tables and two lamps for under 1,000 dollars!!! Also, our table and 6 chairs for very cheap too! I'm so excited! We can have it delivered when we close on the house or we can pick it up when it all comes in.

Valentines day was awesome to say the least. Daniel had to work of course (which is going awesome by the way!) He really loves his job and has a new found pride in himself I can tell. I love that he knows he is providing for us greatly! Anyway, I really thought that because of us buying all of our furniture that I wouldnt get anything for Valentines Day but when he came home that night, he had a card for me, a case of Diet Dr. Pepper<--my fave, and a box of 100 calorie pack oreos. It was so thoughtful and meaningful and I appreciated it so much!!! I am so in love with him and it reminds me daily to appreciate him and his love for us as well. It's amazing how I can still feel all of the same feelings I had when we first started dating and then some. I am passionate about him and dedicated to staying that way. I have learned not to ever, EVER take him for granted because we spent far too much time apart the way it is!!!

Anyway, things are looking up and now we are just waiting for the closing date so we can move on in to our new home! Starting a new chapter in our lives has never felt more right or more fun. I cant wait to share our very first real home with the babies and Daniel!!! I will forever remmeber how I feel right now!

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