Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Praise the Lord for all He has done and all He is yet to do!

Here are a few pictures of the finished house and the kids! Today's blog entry is at the bottom of all of the pictures!
Living room.
Living room.
Living room again.
Big ol boy
Whoa Nora!
Wrestling for some attention
Sweetest ever.
Hello doughnut face.
Miss Elaine's room.

Our room.
Some of the kitchen, looking into the living room.
Dining room (my favorite room in the house)
Dining room again.
Braden's room.
Outside view
Outside again.
Living room yet again. haha.
My lady. In a swimsuit over her PJ's, in her brother's walker. lol.

Today is a joyous day! God has blessed us so greatly and I am pleased to say that we are moved in to the new house and everything is finished! The kids have adjusted well. Nora LOVES her very own room and hasnt even cried once when I have layed her down for a nap or at night time. Braden loves the play room because he can roll and crawl from one end to the other with nothing getting in his way! Daniel and I are enjoying the dining room and I even made a home cooked meal last night which was awesome and felt so right. I love this house!!!

I wanted to thank you all for keeping up with us, praying for us and believing in God for so many awesome things in our lives! I want you to know that God desires the same blessings upon your home, family and friends as well! He is a God that desires to bless us for our obedience to Him and He is faithful every time. What an awesome God we serve!

Easter is quickly approaching and at this time of year I am simply in awe of Jesus and the cross. 3 days after he was hung to die, he rose again and is alive today! He is risen and in Heaven and he lives and reigns in us and through us! How powerful it is to know that he loves us that much! s I was praying through the house with the kids yesterday morning I felt myself moved to tears just knowing that I have the opportunity to serve this God who is so loving and good. I have a chance to give my children a blessed life because He desires for them to come to know him...and they will! They will serve him and in their eyes I see an awesome man and an awesome woman of God with great callings on their future lives. How amazing to be their mother! What a privelage! During these next few days, try to remember that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us by dying on the cross. How much do we daily sacrifice for him?? Something to think about and dwell on and strive for! I hope everyone is well and that we have a great celebration of this perfect season! God bless all of you!

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