Monday, March 3, 2008

This time of year...

"The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever-- do not abandon the works of your hands."

In beginning this blog, I realize that it would be very easy for me to start off and stay very negative. The kids dont feel well, Im drained, my weight loss has come to a crashing hault (because I have ZEROOOO time to work out), the weather is gloomy, Nanny's birthday was this past Saturday and Uncle Bo's is on Wednesday. All of that would make for a pretty sad and depressing blog. But, you know me...I wouldnt say the negative's without blessing God for the positive and wonderful things He is doing in our lives!

It is March and there are many blessings to be found! I have two beautiful children who bring light and laughter to my life. I have a wonderful husband who is working SO very hard every day to take care of us, we have a new, amazing house that we will have the keys to next week, and although there are many people that I miss such as Nanny, Uncle Bo, and Jimmy...I rejoice just knowing that springtime in Heaven must be a million trillion bazillion times more beautiful than it could ever be here--and it's pretty beautiful here!!! <--whenever it decides to show it's face, that is.

I was awake with Braden most of the night last night because he is having a hard time breathing and is coughing and was running a fever. Finally at about 5 o'clock, I went into a motherly panic. I woke Daniel up crying and told him that we needed to pray! Over this sick, hot baby I cried and cried. I felt such an urgency in my heart and in my spirit. Throughout the day today as I have glanced over at him sleeping so peacefully, I feel like God is really speaking to my heart.

The world is sick! Every single day there are sick, hot, lost people roaming around. I encounter them daily. We all do. Why dont I feel an urgency and a trembling for prayer over them each and every day such as I did with this innocent, beautiful boy last night? My spirit is quenching with grief and sadness and fear for our world because God is making it ever so clear that there are literally people dying around me who will be going to hell if I dont step up and give in to that urgency that I felt so deep last night over my own son. I pray for him daily. Many times usually. I pray for Nora, and Daniel and my friends and family and often times I pray for people that the Spirit directs me to pray for. But..I just feel as if it's not enough. It's never ever enough until we are seeing progress towards the kingdom.

It is soon going to be a new season. The earth and everything in it is changing. Let us change our thinking today and draw forth an urgency of prayer for those sick, sick lost people around us! Rise up and join with me to find time each day to cry for their hearts and be afraid for their spirits. A mother is always afraid and sad for her children when they aren't feeling well. Pray, in a sense, for a mother's heart for lost souls today. God wants to change the people around us and He is calling on us to help Him do it!

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