Sunday, March 30, 2008

Train up a child in the way he should go...

...and when he is grown he shall not depart from it! That is what the verse of scripture in Proverbs 22:6 says so very clearly. It is the very verse in which we strive to base everything we teach our children around. We center our home around Godly things for this very purpose. So that when our children are grown, they have no desire to depart from the things of God that we have instilled within their hearts. We strive daily to teach them Godly principles, actions and consequences. We pray that they would learn and function in Godly love, generosity and faith. Our hope is that they would follow His will for their lives, and seek out the good in each person while doing so. We are training up these two children in the way they should go--they way of the Lord!!!

Braden was dedicated to Jesus today at church! We believe, as Christians, that we must raise this baby up in such a way that he would want to live for Jesus Christ and someday be baptized in water in order to fulfill his covenant and relationship with Him. However, having a baby dedication is not baptizing him. Daniel & I, although we would love to, do not have the authority to make such a decision for his little life. He must make that choice on his own terms someday after making a decision to follow Jesus and live for Him! And we know He will! God's plan for Braden's life is so very clear to me. I know he is going to be used in big and mighty ways. He has a voice that projects for miles and miles and I know that someday he will reach so many people with his booming personality. We pray daily that God will use it for the good and furtherance of His kingdom and not for harm or negative things. The devil has no hold on this little boy. He will serve the Lord of Lords and raise up a Godly home someday we know!

It was such a special day for us to have our families with us at church and Nora so beautiful, delicate and young herself. Pastor Dan spoke to us concerning our actions and our influence on these children. He made it clear that whatever we do, these babies think is the right thing. They have no discernment yet of what is right or wrong and can only judge what is right by our actions. It is a powerful thing to think that our very influence could lead them to harmful things or great and powerful things of God. Even now as young infants, our lives are shaping, molding and affecting their future's. They need to be encouraged, built up, praised, and most importantly spoken good things over! They need to never be led in a deceitful or confusing way. This home is a safe place where they will always be taught the word of God and what is correct. Let us continue to pray that those that they come in contact with will understand how important it is to uphold Godly character for the sake of their important, and victorious little lives!!!

Thank you Lord for giving Daniel & I these children! Thank you for blessing our entire families with their lives. We know that you have greater callings for their future's than we can even see or imagine today. They will be powerful, wonderful children and adults who seek and follow you! Thank you God for the awesome responsibility of raising them to be all that they will become. Help us to be Godly parents who are persistent in reading your word, praying together and being patient as they learn to follow your will. We feel your hand upon us and see your many blessings and we cannot thank you enough for your abundance of grace upon us! You are truly amazing! Heavenly Father, please help us to maintain a Godly character in everything we say, think and do for the sake of these children. We will give you all of the praise, honor and glory! Amen! Amen!

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