Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Heavenly protection

I made a decision to write in this blog when God spoke something to me that I felt I should share. In that respect, I feel as if a giant revelation just happened in my life and at this time I am excited to share it with you. It may seem so simple, but to means everything.

It is no secret that Daniel & I lift our children, Nora & Braden, up to God each day in prayer. We pray for their health, their future's, their dreams at night and most often we pray for protection over them. I was telling Rachel today that I feel like in my prayers of protection over these babies, I generalize those concerns to God and expect Him to take care of it as if it is not important enough for me to be specific about their well-beings. That may sound confusing but let me simply illustrate. "God, please surround these children with your angels. Please keep my children safe from harm and I trust that you will because your hand is constantly upon them." Now, with that I feel like God just showed me a whole new way to pray yesterday for my kids. Instead of saying "please protect them from harm," I feel I should keep going as to say "such as...infections, diseases, future abuse, possible molestation, car accidents, etc etc."

However, I wanted to also make sure to tell you that God is so faithful in our lives whether we are specific or not. After having that very conversation with Rachel today, I had yet another moment where God said to me 'Ramee, wait a minute...I took care of Nora just the other day. My hand was upon her as she fell head first onto the road out of that truck. I lifted her little body in my hand and gently placed her on the ground."

And then it hit me...In praying for protection over Nora every day, I have been obedient to God and therefore he blessed me by truly keeping her safe.
You see, Nora climbed in Pawpy's truck 2 days ago and went straight out of the driver's side window head first hitting the pavement of the street head first. I was on the passenger side--helpless and frozen. Yet, God was in our midst. He truly held her in his hand because I have trusted Him to do so! He is faithful in protecting our children. He is faithful in all things when we are obedient and believe!!!
Nora wasnt hurt that day. In fact, other than a goose-egg and some small cuts on the top of her head, she has been just fine. In a situation that could have been a million times worse, God showed me, almost literally, how much he cares for my family. I am humbled by Him!!!
"Pour your heart out like water before the face of the Lord. Lift your hands toward Him for the life of your young children."
--Lamentations 2:19--

God instructs us to pray for our children. It is crucial and every single day I am learning new ways to pray over their lives. That continues to be my plea to God. "Teach me Oh, Lord, how to pray for them because they are so important to me. They are merely my gift from you and I want to honor you as I raise them and teach them. Teach me Oh God."

Although Braden is healthy and growing, I am seeing God work in his life already as well. My prayers for Braden have changed recently and with that, he has FINALLY slept through the entire his own room...2 nights in a row! God is faithful. He cares. About all things--even the small details of our lives. And because our children are no small detail, he cares even more when our prayers concern them and their lives! He is clear in His word when He tells us that children are a reward. It is our obligation to lift them up daily to Him and release them to Him because he so generously trusts us with them!

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward!"
--Psalm 127:3--

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