Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No sickness shall enter here...

I cried 3 times yesterday. Let me explain. Sunday was the day that we had Braden dedicated to the Lord.

Do you realize that we have an enemy that wants to steal our children from us? He is the devourer of our souls and he wants nothing more than to bring sickness, turmoil, death, sadness, frustration, anger, dispute, bitterness, and unbelief into our homes, families and lives. He is sickening and he is a liar. He is smart, but he is not God. He has the ability to come into our lives and try to destroy us but he does NOT have the power to do so. We have the power and authority to prevent it from happening. Even at his fragile, small age the devil wants to take Braden from me and put within him the things that are ungodly. Monday he started running a fever. By yesterday afternoon it was 103.3. Daniel and I took him to the E.R. I will not lie...I was afraid. I am a Christian woman, yes. But I am a mother and as I held that tired, limp, hot, sad looking baby boy in my arms I could not help but feel afraid inside. However, it was a mother's worry. I knew God was protecting him because we pray daily over these babies and this home and I know angels surround them! Thank God! By the time we got to the emergency room his fever was normal again. Praise the Lord for his healing hand in our lives! They found an ear infection which I also take as a blessing because they found the root of the discomfort and we can now deal with it. The doctor said that she believes it began on Monday. I hate the devil. Braden, however, is feeling much better today.

I am saying all of this to make it clear that there is a battle going on in the Heavenlies for our lives and for our children's lives. Braden was dedicated to God one day and the very next day the enemy had to find a way to attack his little body. Sickness is not just something we go through. I dont care what anyone says--it is not of God. It is not something we have to settle for. It is brought to us by the devil. Isaiah knew hundreds of years before the crucifixion happened that Jesus was going to die on the cross and that is why he said so clearly "by His stripes we are healed!" We are healed by the blood of Jesus and the devil cannot keep us in the chains of sickness! The devil cannot have hold of my children!

It is such a powerful thing to live for Jesus and to serve Him. I am in awe of how I daily find myself speaking His name. His word is always on my lips and I am constantly singing a new song of joy to honor Him! Please continue to keep the kids in your prayers and I will update you on them as they continue to feel better! We love you all...

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