Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hello life.

So I want to update on life here in the Larson world! God is blessing us every single day and I feel as if that is something to write about! All the glory to Him for our lives and what He is doing through us and in us!

Daniel is still working for the post office! It has been almost 4 months and I have never seen him more happy. He enjoys what he does and takes so much pride in doing it well. He looks so nice in his uniform and he gets to come home for lunch everyday which is something we have never been used to, but are learning to appreciate. He is still leading the youth group's worship team and we are seeing great things in the lives of those teenagers who are participating! We are seeing great things over all in the youth ministry becasuse God has awesome plans for the coming days, weeks, months, and years for these teens!

--Daniel takes a very important test for the post office on May 16th. Please keep him in your prayers that God's hand would be upon him during this day!--

I am doing well also! I am enjoying the kids and the sunlight and our new home more and more each day! We have been walking every day that it is nice enough and we have played outside the same. I have decided to sell PartyLite candles and am having my first show at the house tonight! I am excited to do something for myself and also that I may find some more adult conversation wrapped into alot of fun! I'm always looking for new ways to meet people, interact with them and so Im excited to see where this little adventure might lead me!

I have officially gotten back into my size 7 jeans this week and am stoked about it!

Nora Elaine Larson
is now 22 months!

Where has time gone, you ask? I wish I knew!

Nora is so so so much fun! She is learning new words every single day and is exercising them quite well! She thinks she knows it all when she tells me to "stop mom!" or "go!" It is the best time I have ever had with her to watch her interact with Braden and Jake and Daniel and anyone that will listen. She loves going on walks and being outside and she is taking swim lessons right now which she also enjoys. (I enjoy it's 30 minutes of just her and I time!)

We will celebrate her 2 year birthday in July and it seems impossible, however, God is showing me so many things through this little girl and I cannot wait for the future!

Braden Eugene Larson

is now 8 months old!

This boy is incredible. He is not only crawling & rolling but he is currently pulling up on everything, walking along everything, standing on his own and almost walking. He is saying dada and baba and he eats anything and everything that is in his site! He is still very aggressive and extremely spoiled, but his cry is alot cuter now that we know how to calm him down--with a big bag of cheese puffs. He falls at lieast 5 times a day (minimum) and LOVES to swing outside! He smiles constantly and is learning lots of new things every day! He is fun to watch and I can tell that this time next year I'm in a lot of trouble between both of these redheads! Anytime that someone is talking, Braden must also be talking and so my hope is that God would use his voice to reach hundreds upon hundreds of people for the kingdom! I am also excited about the future that Braden is going to endure! It is a great one, I know for sure!

So as you can see, we are doing well...growing fast...praying lots...enjoying the sun...and most of all spending our days just thanking the Lord for this life he has blessed us with. We did not earn it, it was simply a gift and because of that we will honor Him every single day until we meet with Him in Heaven! He is awesome in this place and will continue to be because he has never let us down. Not ever!

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