Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's day and a special gift!

Well Mother's day has come and gone. It was very special indeed! To hold my babies close and watch them play as I do every day was so much more unique on the day when I was able to celebrate being their mother! I am many things to many people, but I am only "mama" to Nora and Braden. That makes it special for all of us!

I woke up to breakfast in bed, along with a dozen red roses and a new journey necklace from Daniel. He makes me feel so loved and cared for. He is a great husband!

My mom had a rough day but we all pulled through it together. It isnt often that she really expresses how deeply she misses Nanny but again, I suppose it is a bond between a mother and a child that knows how intense it must have felt on that day. All I know is that my mother is strong and bold, no matter how weak and unable she may sometimes feel. She is a great mom and a fantastic Nanny to my beautiful babies! I am beyond thankful to her for her spirit and presence in our lives.

We also celebrated Jeni's 20th birthday during our Mother's Day lunch. Her actual birthday was yesterday...May 12th. She woke up to a new baby pony that had been born yesterday as well, and of course we have named her Jenny! She is beautiful and what a symbol of life and love! I was in awe of that baby pony yesterday as was Nora. Braden--not so much. haha.

Anyway, we are all doing well. I start having my candle parties next week and am so so excited to get started! Daniel takes his "big" test this Friday for the post office, so please continue to pray him through that! I know he'll do great! God's hand is so upon this situation and He is forever faithful in our lives!

The summer is getting under way and although it doesnt feel like it in the air quite yet, I can feel it in my spirit and in my children's excitement to be outside! God is so good and so wonderful! I am in awe of His consistancy in our family and our home! All praise be to God!

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