Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm slacking and I know it!

So I realize that I havent made an entry in a super long time and for that I apologize. My days are filled with walking these babies around town, playing, playing and more playing! Lately I try to keep them as busy as possible outside of the house because when we are cooped up inside, they are just fighting and driving me crazy! So we spend many hours at the park and in a stroller...oh and now in a bike cart that I pull crazily through this entire town! It is so much fun!
Speaking of walking and riding my bike, I have now officially met my goal weight of 124 pounds. I have not weighed this since before Daniel came home from his first deployment! I feel great but still wouldnt mind losing another 5-10. I am constantly toning and pushing myself to do more, eat healthier, and eat better. I see and feel how this can become an obsession but it's something I have accomplished before and now I just feel like I am doing it all in a much healthier and realistic way! Weight watchers is still my main obsession, as it is proving to work! I love love love the program and if you are willing to work at it, I know that ANYONE can reach their goal! It feels awesome!
Nora is turning two next month and she knows that her birthday is quickly approaching. We get birthday magazines in the mail and she has already picked out a Dora theme for hers and a spongebob theme for brother's (since he'll be one in Sept!) Time is flying by and I am loving every day with both of them! Nora is learning so much and is now speaking in full sentences. Just this morning, it thundered outside and she looked at me and said "mom, I'm scared!" I wanted to die it was so sad...but so helpful to know how she's feeling and why. I love this age!
Braden is still as huge and crazy as ever. He's literally running now and is just so hilarious. He cracks us up every single day. He is still much moodier than Nora ever was and cries often, but has gotten much much better. He is into the cabinets now and steals everything he can away from his sister...which in turn makes her get in trouble for hitting him most of the time. They are a riot!
My role as a mother is getting increasingly difficult but I have never felt more alive and complete. Watching them run to me, say my name and smile at me helps me know that I am living exactly in the middle of God's perfect will for my life. God revealed to me not long ago that Nora was going to use her voice to sing praises to Him one day and Braden was going to use his voice to speak of God's word. We have daily been praying that God would help them exercise thsoe gifts already, even in their young ages. He is doing just that! Nora sings her heart out and Braden never stops babbling! They are precious and such gifts! Life right now is as close to perfect as it could possibly get and I have never been more blessed!!!
I'll post pictures of the munchkins soon, but in the meantime just know that we love you and God bless you all!!!

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