Monday, June 30, 2008


So I wanted to get on here today and share some of our newest pictures of the babies. We are letting Braden's hair grow until he is at least a year old and so that is why it is so long and beautiful! The pictures are in no particular order...

Tomorrow marks one year that Daniel has been back in the USA!!! What a reason for us to celebrate this fourth of July! What a year it has been. How many changes and miracles we have witnessed and been a part of! I am so glad to have him home and I think I tell him that almost every day. Funny how the feeling of them being gone makes you appreciate them so much--even so that I remember every day how grateful I am to have him here with us...

Before showing you the pictures I wanted to share something that is so amazing and has been on my heart. The other night I was on a walk with Felicia. As we were talking I told her how amazing it was to know that you are living perfectly in the will of God--even to the point that I know that the people I encounter on my daily walks are exactly the people I am supposed to talk to at that very moment! We decided to go to the park that night and when we got there, a couple that I recognized but knew had to be new in town walked up with their son. I knew I recognized the very beautiful girl from May days because Daniel told me to stop staring at her and I told him I couldnt help it because she was so pretty!

Anyway, we had a nice time visiting with them at the park. Her husband is a deputy here in town and she cuts hair. They have two boys and they just moved here from Waynesville. We talked and played with the kids and then went out seperate ways. When I got home that night, I kept thinking about them and remembered that my friend Rachelle had told me a few months ago about this guy that worked with her Fiancee' at the Sheriff's department and how he waa a Christian man! I was so excited to know if this was them that I met at the park. I felt God pushing me to get up and find her on the computer. So I did. I couldnt sleep until I wrote her and told her that it was a blessing to meet her and her husband. After writing her I slept like a baby and waited for her responsse all day yesterday! When she finally wrote back she expressed that at May days God had revealed to her that she and I were going to be great friends. We didnt even know each other at the time! How neat. She had confided to her husband in private what she felt and waited.

A couple of weeks ago they saw us walk by their house and then seeing us at the park was God perfectly putting us where He needed us to fulfill his plan and purpose! So she was excited that I had wrote her and we are amazed at God's goodness. I cant wait to learn more about her, spend time with her children and just soak up whatever God's plan may be!!!

They are Christians. They work with the youth and have a passion for teens like we do. And I'm just so thrilled that God is bringing them into our lives! I felt so undeserving to know that He took the time to lead ME to someone in such a perfect way. It is so reassuring to know that you are living according to His will for your life when you end up in a situation like this one. To know that we made a decision to walk to that specific park at that specific time and it was all directed by God--is simply put...AMAZING!

Our God is an awesome God and I will forever serve Him for his goodness and grace. I give Him all the honor and want to live my life following His will--whatever that may be. Even if that means I will sometimes be uncomfortable. Thanks for reading my great great, exciting story! Enjoy the pictures and I'll update soon! We love you all.

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