Wednesday, June 4, 2008


"What no eye has seen and what no ear has heard and what has never come into a man's heart is what God has prepared for those that love Him!"
--1 Cor. 2:9--
Jeni saw the eye specialist yesterday. Just as we had prayed the night before, the so called leaking was not leaking after all. It was in fact white blood cells that are coming behind her eye for some unknown reason and causing her to see spots, and making her vision impaired. The report of the Dr was a great one! The eye and her vision will heal itself (or God will heal it in the spiritual world Im living in)--between 4-6 weeks. However, I am believing God for a much faster recovery with complete vision restored! I know He will do it because He is faithful and His word promises it to us. The blessings and miracles that God has in store for us are ours if we believe it to be so and receive it! What a wonderful God. What a wonderful Saviour.

In the book of John the 4th chapter, there is a story of a blind man. In this story, his disciples ask Him "what did this man do or what did his parents do in order for him to be blind." This is a common thought we experience as humans. What did I do Lord that I should suffer this terrible thing in my life? However, Jesus answered them by saying "this man nor his parents did nothing! He is blind so that my spirit can be manifest in Him!" In other words, Jesus needed a way to show His glory and He was going to use a blind man to perform an awesome miracle for all to see!!! He lays it out perfectly for us when it comes to our own sickness, illness, or devestation in certain circumstances. He is using those things in our lives to bring glory to Himself...because He is God. Because He needs a way to get through to us narrow minded humans!

I pray to God that Jeni realized at the Dr. yesterday that everything he said to her was a direct result of us praying with her the night before. We claimed God's healing and a great report from the specialist and God delivered! I pray that just by reading these words today, God has touched your mind to help you understand that the situation you are in is not a punishment. It is not so that you can be made to suffer. It is so that God can use it to bring forth a great result in the end for His glory if you'll just believe it! He is forever faithful. It is amazing to watch Him more in our lives because we are obedient to trust in Him. It is simply that easy.

Thank you Lord and Thank you Lord!!!

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