Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Report of the Lord.

I am a little peeved today, thus my reason for writing. I am so tired of praying for people, standing in the gap for their health and outcome in certain situations only to turn around and hear them speak of defeat or failure, or doubt.
When I pray a prayer to the Lord, I do so boldy as in knowing that He is going to meet my request. When I prayed recently for my sister's eye to be healed of the leaking behind it and for the Dr. to have a good report when she saw him, I believed that it had already been done and the Dr. would be amazed at the miracle that had taken place. I BELIEVED that it was taken care of and I didnt waiver on that. So why is that others feel the need to continue saying "well, IF it doesnt go well..." or "what IF they have to do this?..." or " what IF the disease takes over?..." or "what if the cancer comes back..." etc and so on. We simply speak our own outcome into existance. If my sister received our prayer of good faith to Jesus Christ the healing God then she would receive that healing and that blessing. However, she has many other people around her who speak other possibilities into existance, therefore making it extremely difficult to accept only the report of the Lord. Which is, by the way, "yes and amen!" Yes I am healed. Amen and Amen!!!
Using our mouths to claim doubt of God into our lives is deadly and that is a very literal statement. Be conscience of what you are saying after you have prayed success and miracles into your life. Don't let this world and other possibilities grab ahold of your thinking, therefore causing you to speak damnation upon yourself. If you simply accept that God has done what you asked him to do and will take no other outcome...that is by far the greatest offering you can give Him! The offering of faith in Him alone. He will honor it and bless it.
Jeni will not have to have surgery on her eyes if she believes she will not. If she believes that Jesus has healed her and is continuing to do so. Casting doubt, however, could bring a whole different set of consequences and it doesnt have to be her who has done it.

Believe with me today in the miracle of Jesus! Believe with me for His healing power and marvelous touch. Believe with me also today that in speaking negative things into our lives, that is what we will receive. It is not difficult. It is simple. Trust Him and have faith in Him alone. No other option. No other outcome. Just Jesus.
Examine your lives. Have you spoken yourself into the place you are in today? Are you miserable because of the things you speak? "I have depression," "I am anxious," "I am sick or I am getting sick," for example. "I am opressed." "I am poor and struggling."
Take control of your life and speak truth from God and not lies from the enemy. God is powerful and mighty to save. He is faithful and wants you to trust in Him alone. Make a choice to do that today and focus on your words. They can build your life up or completely cut it down. THAT is your choice.

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Unknown said...

what you say is right, and if we could get are heart,mind and soul in love with Jesus. what a light we can be to the world.