Saturday, July 12, 2008

Babies, Boo-boo's and beautiful days!

Hello all! Life in Larson land has been crazy lately, but I wanted to update with a bunch of pictures that basically speak for themselves! Nora is turning 2 in just three short weeks! Can you believe it? She is so strong willed yet beautifully gentle and she is learning more each day. She is speaking in sentences now and loves to talk on the phone! God is daily showing me through prayer and reading His word what is the most effective way to "discipline" her and although it is a struggle because I love her so very much, I am learning. Daniel and I are both learning and I am so thankful for a loving Father who longs to teach us how to raise godly children!!!

Braden is a wild man. He cries over nothing, laughs over almost everything and is just a joy to be around lately. He learned how to praise the Lord with his hands in the last couple of weeks and walks around doing it all the time. He is saying ba-ba, dada, and mama...but not often. He's still too busy growling and breathing heavily. He tests me daily, but again, I'm learning. I love being his mommy!!!

Speaking of Nora and Braden--the two of them are learning to play very well together, and are learning to fight even better. Nora pushed Braden a few nights ago, into the entertainment center and gashed his eye open. We were about to take him to the E.R. for stitches, when Nana came to the rescue with her nursing skills! Thank God for His plan in our lives. Her gentle spirit and strength got me through an emotional hour that night! His eye is black and blue, but looks better. He was fine the next morning. At least we got the first big ouch out of the way! (ps. He's only 10 months old. haha)

Daniel got his test results back from the post office today. He scored a passing score of 80 which is not quite as well as he had hoped, but he is still eligible for the "full time" position that he's already working. I am so thankful that God has and will continue to open doors in our lives! He is so very faithful!!!

We had a great 4th of July this year! Daddy was home which was great, and we spent it having a cookout at our house with Felicia, Jacob, Amanda, Mia, Sonny, mom, Jake, and Sara. It was nice! We took all of the kids to see Fireworks which they all enjoyed except for Braden. He's way dramatic. It was a blast. We remembered how grateful we are to have men like Alex serving our country. I spend almost every single day with his wife and children and cannot imagine my life any other way. They bless me more than I ever knew I could be blessed and yet I have never felt so empty when I think of their husband and daddy being gone. But we love them and I hope to God that we are getting them through this time with as much grace as possible. They are absolutely the light of my life.

The morning after the 4th, Felicia and I decided to pack up all of our kids in my van and make a 5 hour drive to Kentucky to see Rachel and Amos. They were at a family reunion and all in all we got to spend about 5 hours with them. It was completely worth every minute and I am so thankful I saw them. The kids enjoyed it so much and Nora was thrilled to see her Aunt Rachel and "Ames."

We have been getting to know our new friends Adam and Katie really well, and have been spending time with them. God is an awesome God and I am in awe of how quickly this friendship is becoming vital in my life! I already love their children and feel at such ease with them around!

Life is great! Here are the pictures, until next time! God bless you all and we love you more than you know!
Bubba boy.
Mommy & Braden:)
My biggest girl!
He gets so mad!
And then he praises his heart out!
My crew.
The most beautiful girls in my world.

Best Friends matching on 4th of July!
Daddy & Nora.
Love him.
Nice Jeans!
Daddy & his boy.

Nanna and her babies!
Mia Grace.
Nora & Mia ready for fireworks!
Before fireworks and she was already tired!
Me. At my goal weight!!!

Uncle Jake and Nora. They are buddies for life!
Nanna and Nora.
Braden was terrified!
Daniel and the girls.
Nanna thinks Braden is hilarious
Aunt Rachel and her buddy.
Me & rache.
Uncle Amos riding with the babies!
On our way to KY.
Nora being crazy.
Braden was hiding under the table at the hotel. He's so cute!
Drink break.
Uncle Amos kisses!
Rache, Amos and the babies
Nora's funny face!

We woke up at 5:30 am. Can you tell?
Goodbye Aunt Rachel...until next time.
Telling stories.

Right after Braden fell.

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