Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daily blogging...

When I first started this blog, I intended for it to be a place where I could come and write about not only what is happening in our lives but how I was feeling day to day. Contrary to my occasional posts, I am not always super spiritual, upbeat, or happy. I have days where I dont feel good, the kids are buggin me and I'm exhausted all together. I have weeks where I dont poop. I have months where I am sad and mad and sad some more. The bottom line is that I realize that I have used this as a place to speak of God and bring encouragement, which is wonderful. I have used it as a place to post pictures of the kids with lovely updates. I also realize that because I knew certain people were reading, I have felt the need to make it only upbeat and encouraging.

So, beware. I am going to start posting more reguarly...almost daily in order to keep my sanity. I hope that through the happenings and events that you read about you would still find encouragement even if it is a little more "real" than what you are used to reading! God is always faithful and I depend on Him at all times, but I am a human and I need a safe place to vent. My mind is turning and I cant wait to share those things with you! Writing is my escape and I have chose to do that here. Feel free to read, laugh, cry, debate with me and whatever else may happen...but I am taking a step forward with this blog and I cannot wait! God is doing a new thing and in that, I am thankful!

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