Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let your life shine!

As all of you know, I am an exercise freak these days. I spend my days walking the babies around town or pulling them in their cart behind my bike. They love it and I love it. I love to hear Nora ask me "mom, whats that?" and mostly, I love the quiet time to encounter God. It is on my daily strolls that I have had many breakthroughs with myself, about life, and interceding for others. I find the stillness to be refreshing. I have found myself longing for those moments where I can not only empower my physical body but also that of my spiritual being. I also enjoy the people that we meet along the way. Sometimes it is a subtle "hi" or "how are ya today?" but I just cant help but believe that every encounter is a divine appointment set up by the Lord God himself! How amazing!
For so long I have encouraged others to get in tune to their physical bodies. I truly believe with my whole heart that taking care of yourself is being obedient to God. It is in accordance to His will for our lives. He is a God that wants us to live healthy, vibrant, strong lives so that we can better serve and love Him! Now, more than ever I can see the correlation between God and myself. Just be taking care of my body and exercising daily, I have touched God in a whole new way. He has blessed me and been beside me in this journey and I know now that I will forever cherish those times with Him!
I just wanted to write this today because it has been on my heart so much lately. If you are feeling separated from God, or don't know what direction your life is supposed to go...take a moment to breathe, stretch, drink a bottle of water and get to hikin! Walk yourself until you physically cant anymore and you will see that in that time, God will reveal himself to you in a whole new way. It's indescribable for me to explain in to you in words, but experience it for yourself! You will never, ever regret it!
God bless you all. We love you dearly!

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