Friday, August 1, 2008

Nora turned two!

Two years ago she came into my life like thunder. I had been waiting so long to feel her in my arms, smell her skin, touch her face, sing to her and pray over her little body. I have been doing those very same things many times a day, every single day since. She has changed my life completely in every way possible and is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She is a daddy's girl, loves her Aunt Jeni, drinks chocolate milk every morning, is super independant, praises the Lord with her singing and loves to pray. She is the light of my life and will forever be one of my happiest memories. She is my first child, so with her I have a deep and strong connection. She looks just like me, acts just like me and loves just like me. She is everything I have ever hoped for and desired to have. She is beautiful. So very beautiful. She is the greatest gift that God could ever have given to me, and I am thankful beyond words every day.

Yesterday we celebrated Nora's birthday by opening presents, going to the water park, eating pizza and having brownies! She got a new trike, new dolls, new books, new clothes and so much more. She is having her big Dora party tomorrow night with all of her little friends. She is two and she knows it! She had a great birthday. I cant help but be a little sad. She's my baby after all. Time is sure flying, but I love every minute of it and couldnt ask for anything more in my life. God is forever great!!! I love His goodness that I see through Nora every day. It's remarkable. I always wish I had more time to update this blog, but hey...maybe when my kids are older. haha.

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