Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day off?

Daniel had the day off today. I always look so forward to it until the day actually comes. All in all we had a good day but it started out with him calling me psycho right away (for no reason I might add.) That is pretty typical. I proceeded to tell him how I wished he worked 7 days a week. That is also very typical. The kids and I just flow better with our own schedule when he isn't here until 3:30 in the afternoon.

Ok, so let me back up. He did get up with Braden and let me stay in bed and he DID make pancakes for me for breakfast which was a treat. That was thoughtful I must admit. He's a great husband and you would think that all of the time we spent away from each other through our military days would leave me more appreciative of the days he is home to help. I don't take him for granted, I know that for sure. He is helpful and I love kissing him through the day. I just get frustrated when my routine is thrown off and that's easy to do with even one more person in the the middle of the already thundering chaos around me.

Speaking of chaos, Nora has started screaming now. Like if she's mad, instead of throwing herself down and crying she'll stand in one place, look me dead in the eyes and just scream at the top of her huge, never ending lungs. It's irritating, annoying, frustrating, ear-wrenching and did I mention annoying? She's so hard to discipline because she is typically pretty good. Typically.

Braden turns one tomorrow! Can you believe it? I sure cant. This year felt like it would never end. This child tests me every single day and he always has. God is going to use him in some very powerful ways in the future and I just hope that He has favor on me as the mother that raised him. haha. I cant help but sit here and laugh as I recall the daily happenings of this noisy boy. He is literally like something I cannot explain with words. But he is pretty cute, so I have that to go on.

My mom ended up keeping the babies for us today while we went birthday shopping for a couple of hours. She said Nora climbed up the refrigerator while we were gone. That didn't surprise me. Daniel and I held hands the entire ride to Decatur. That was nice. I'll probably always remember this day because of that. It so rarely happens that we are alone AND get to hold hands. What a joy! I love being his wife. No one in the world could put up with me yelling, screaming, and freaking out one minute, to holding my hand, smiling at me, and kissing me the next. He still makes my heart skip a beat. God is so much our foundation that even in the blazer today I knew that although we were holding hands and feeling each other's calm intimacy, God was the only thing on our minds. We worshipped and talked. It's amazing to know that the desires of our hearts are so intertwined. We are 2 seperate people but our desire for God truly is in one accord. It amazes me daily. I'm so thankful that God is molding us into the parents, people and partners that He wants us to be!

Back to work tomorrow. Birthday party tomorrow night. Garage Sale Saturday. Busy few days-- I hope there's time to breathe....
" the stillness, God you are there..."

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