Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Walk-A-Thon is a success!

Saturday morning was the walk-a-thon and thankfully the weather was beautiful! Hot, but nevertheless...beautiful. 7 teenagers showed up to walk and it ended up being a really good time. It took us 2 hours to finish because Becky and Brian were waiting at every mile mark with bottles of water for us! I was so proud of these guys for stepping up and doing something not only for themselves but for missions and for God in general. I think it's awesome to be able to physically glorify Him and to have them walking with me felt so neat! Here are a few pictures before we left!!!

The last few days have been ok. This morning we woke up after a huge storm to find that our kitchen ceiling is leaking. It just goes to show that no matter how brilliant and beautiful a home may look, it takes work. Our house is old and so we expected that it would eventually need some touch ups but it was discouraging to wake up and feel almost embarrassed for having found a major problem so early. Daniel climbed in the attic and said that their is no standing water so we are thinking it is coming from the upstairs window not having an outside pane in it. Over time, water has dripped down through the wall and found a sitting place in the ceiling. We're going to fix whatever the problem may be very soon--before winter for sure! Oh he also found about 10 mouse carcases. Nice huh? Apparently the stinky dead mouse smell was not the first of the death party around here.

Braden and Nora have had a good weekend. Yesterday they spent the morning with my mom while I was walking with the teenagers and yesterday afternoon and evening they spent with Daniel's mom while we were at our friends' (Rob & Rachelle's) wedding. We had a good time and were glad to spend an evening together (although I missed the kids and wanted to come home we did.)

A few weekends ago at the city wide garage sales I picked up a play McDonald's for Nora. She loves Donalds! She eats fries like it's her job and she LOVES making howaburgers (aka hamburgers.) haha. Braden is being such a little squirt lately as he is learning to make new funny faces. He has such a big personality for such a little man. He makes me laugh more than anyone ever has, I swear.

Anyway, I'm feeling good. Just ready for this month to kind of wind down even though it's not even half way over. I just feel like we've been very busy and had little time for each other or God. But, with fall coming and the weather changing it's sure to bring a halt to at least some of the madness. We have revival at church tonight and the next 3 nights which Daniel is supposed to play worship for! I'm excited that God is opening up new doors of opportunity and cant wait to see what's in store!

Thanks for all of your prayers for our walk-a-thon. It really was a success and I was so proud of the kids for making such a great effort! They probably feel like it was nothing, but honestly it is hard work and they stuck it out til the end! They are troopers and I am daily loving them all more and more! God is teaching me how to have a heart for teenagers because as we all know, sometimes it isnt easy! However, they are on fire and are eager to learn and grow and I appreciate that enthusiasm so much in my own walk with the Lord! Ok, gotta run. I wish that was literal, but today is not an exercise day. It's a day of rest (I wish.)
Here's a few new pics!

This is one of the newest and cutest faces from my son...
He crinkles his nose up and snorts a little. haha.
Braden and PooPaw.

Daniel & I after the wedding. I love him. *sigh*

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