Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi all! It's Monday and so I thought I would check in. The concert Saturday night was awesome! I love Todd Agnew anyway but I think I love him even more every time I see him. He is so humble and really cares only about worshipping God and making sure that everyone knows he's just a normal guy like the rest of us. We had front row seats which was awesome as well. Actually we sat in the exact place that we sat in a few years back when we took Jimmy with us. It brought back so many memories for me of how his life was changed after that night. If I had 5 minutes with Todd Agnew I would thank him for being such an open book and great vessel of the Lord. He reached our friend who is now in paradise forever worshipping our King! How awesome is that??

This was from our seats! Front row!
On our way home we were lost...
The kids on the way home.
I think we all had a great night at the concert and learned alot. I love spending time with the teenagers and just watching them grow more hungry for God! Anyway, here are a few pictures from the night...

Yesterday was a good day over all. Neither of the kids feel very well and they are both running fevers. I think I have determined that Nora is getting her 2 year molars and Braden is teething too. In fact, I feel like Braden is always teething. haha. He's so fussy and clingy I cant hardly stand it, but we took them to church for the evening service and they both did fine. Braden danced his heart out and prised the Lord with his little hands. Nora keeps saying "I dont feel good. I need medicine." Ugh. It makes me sick.

I decided to paint alot of things outside yesterday. I painted the chair that Jake made for his 4-H project. I painted a piece of concrete that I have a table and chair set sitting on and I painted the front steps of our house (the same color as our shutters.) Everything turned out to be so cute and it makes the house feel so much more clean and homey. I wanted to get the outside looking as nice as the inside for fall!!! Speaking of which, I took some pictures of some of our fall decorations for Rachel and everyone else who lives far away and cant be here to share in the smell of fresh apple cake baking! Hopefully you'll feel like you're here with us when you see them Rache! We love and miss you!

Ok, well onto the pictures! Pray for the babies and I'll keep you updated! We are so blessed to have dodged sickness all summer. I believe the same for fall and winter as well! Thank you Jesus for the blood!!!

My flowers! They are looking so pretty right now!

Our entertainment Center...

Dining room table-

I dont know why it looks as if my decorations are hung crooked, but they arent. :) When you first walk in, Nora's ghost will greet you!

Some of the decorations in the kitchen...

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