Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dead animal..

I cleaned the entire house yesterday from top to bottom. I put out all of my fall decorations and it felt so cozy and warm and clean. I even made a fresh apple cake that was delicious! After all of that, Jeni & I sat down to watch a show that we always watch on Monday nights together and we started smelling this terrible, wretched smell. It was as if a dead animal had crawled inside my nose and was living there. It got stronger and stronger through the whole night and after turning over all of the couches, lifting up the entire rug and so much more--we found nothing. Daniel and I obsessed so much about it that I literally could smell it in my sleep. gah.

So here it is today and I can still smell it. I lit candles because my thinking is that if a dead animal is inside of our walls, what can we really do about it? It's in our living room where there are no vents at all, so we know that it isnt coming from a crawl space, because we have none in that room. How frustrating and disgusting!

Braden is SO fussy! (What else is new you might ask.) He just follows me around making the infamous "noise" and I seriously wanted to throw him through a wall yesterday. We finally figured out that he's teething...and he is the WORST possible teether in the world. He's being quite clingy and it can get frustrating when I'm trying to do other things too. He sure is beautiful though. haha.

I lost another 3 pounds. My goal weight was 120 and now I'm at 117 (on my scale at least.) I feel awesome but havent walked in over a week. I think the kids and I will do that today even though it's really chilly outside. I love this weather!

Jake is doing well in school. It's neat to see him on his bike riding around in town even though it makes us all a nervous wreck because we all know how well he obeys and listens. haha. He's growing though and changing and becoming quite the little man.

We have the walk-a-thon this Saturday. I'm hoping it goes well but I need to get busy figuring out the route that we're going. I cant wait to see how the kids do and to see the fruit of our prayers! God is blessing everything we have been a part of involving these teenagers and it is so exciting! Oh goodness...

Nora's awake. Gotta run and start the day. I dont think I can stand to sit in this animal infested house.....

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