Saturday, September 20, 2008

I dont have much time to update because today is a busy day but I wanted to let everyone know what to be in prayer for, at least concerning us right now.

Jake got in a fight yesterday at school. This is only his 3rd week in public school EVER so this came as a shock to all of us. He apparently hit 2 little boys. One had a bloody lip and the other a pretty red rib. I dont know what caused him to get so angry but I think in one moment, everything that has been built up inside just exploded. Please keep him in your prayers. The enemy has his eye on Jake and can see how easy it would be to lure him to the side of darkness. We, however, have claimed his life for the side of Jesus and he IS a man of God! He will serve Him and love Him and we will get through this!

Yesterday was an awesome day. I babysat Abby and Alainna as I always do and they were wonderful. Daniel came home and we made dinner and then walked the kids to the park. We just enjoyed the night. It was so relaxing. Today I took the kids to a free carnival at MeMe's work and now we are cleaning and getting ready for our night away tonight! We're taking the youth to the Todd Agnew concert, so we are planning for a late night. I'm pumped! This was the concert that Daniel and I took Jimmy too and it literally changed his life! I cant wait to see what's in store this evening!!!

Nora is so cute lately. She sounds just like me when she talks which cracks me up. Last night I asked her if she wanted to pray and she said "yeah, sure." Oh gosh it was adorable. She's in this "I want to do it" phase right now. Let me explain to you that she wants to do everything from dressing herself to wiping herself and EVERYTHING in between. It's rather annoying. So when I pulled her out of her crib yesterday morning and started to walk downstairs, she said "I wanna walk mama," Ok baby, walk. So after a few minutes when she hadn't come down yet, I came back up to get her...only to find her eyes both black as can be (like raccoons), holding my mascara and said "I look pretty mommy!" It was cute looking back on it but I was not in the cute mood at that moment. I used vaseline and cleaned her off and proceeded to tell her that babies dont wear that! Mommies wear that! All day long when she would look at me she'd say "mommies wear it not babies." She's sooooo smart! It's almost not right. haha.

Braden is learning to say "ball" which right now sounds like "doll" but hey he's trying. He's just in his own little Braden world and we laugh all the time because things that Nora was doing at this age, I feel like he's nowhere near accomplishing yet. If there could be theme music to his life it would be like the oompa loompa song or something. He's so funny.

Anyway, we're doing great here! I cant wait to share how the concert goes. I took my first pilates/yoga class the other night to start leanin the moves and oh my...I'm dying here! haha. I love you all more than you know. Have a great weekend!

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