Friday, September 12, 2008

The last few days have been rough. I'm going through a lot emotionally and spiritually right now and it's just exhausting. Emotionally, I'm just drained. Spiritually...I just feel disconnected with God. I feel Him, but I'm just so busy and often distracted by kids, laundry, dishes, or whatever else seems to pop up. I know that in everything I do, I am worshipping God because I live desirous to do so. But, I also know that I want to have a 2 way conversation with my best friend soon! I love to be in the quiet and hear His voice. I miss being in the quiet. haha.

It's raining here. It has been for the past 2 days and is supposed to be for the next few. That in itself exhausts me because the kids are bored. I am overwhelmed by them and everything else and I need to get out and walk! I joined my mom's weight lifting class which I'm loving. It's on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I love interacting with the women and it's a good hour long escape.

Nora and Braden took over the toy room with their dancing last night. We had on our worship music and I looked around and thought "there is nothing better than this moment. Please, God, never let me forget how happy I am right now." And I dont think I ever could. To see them giggling and dancing and raising their made me feel the most joyful I have ever been. I love watching God work in them and through them even now. Just think of the future and everything He has in store for them! Oh how exciting!

We have our youth group walk-a-thon tomorrow. I'm planning on enduring the rain and having a go with it! I cant wait to let you all know how it goes. The teenagers seem excited and I really am too. It's going to be a bit of a prayer walk as I think it will be a great growing experience all around!

All in all, we're good here. Already I'm dreading winter because being stuck indoors seems unrealistic to me right now. But, we'll get through---we always do!

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