Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not feeling well

I was up late last night not feeling well. My stomach was hurting so bad. I havent felt that way in a long time. I still dont feel 100% today so please keep me in your prayers.
It is cool outside today. Daniel had to change out of his shorts into his pants at lunch! It's happening...fall is coming. Before we know it, we'll be having Christmas dinner and making snowmen outside. Yay!!!

As I'm writing Nora is in her room next door screaming "mommy, mommy" because she doesnt want to take a nap. That kills me. Every single day that I lay her down and she cries breaks my heart. Last night as I was falling asleep I missed her so badly I wanted to go get her and bring her to bed with me. I told Daniel. He said no. haha.
Braden on the other hand is still waking up during the night for a bottle. This child is like a bottom-less pit. He can eat and eat and drink and drink and still want more. His cry causes me such anxiety and a moment of shear panic. I literally clinch my teeth together and pray that he'll stop, however...he does not. Ever. Unless I get him that bottle. I know I have to take it away but how will we survive? He loves bedtime and goes to sleep without any fuss because the bottle is still his comfort. And when he wakes up in the middle of the night...I just get him some more milk and back to sleep he goes. Oh gosh...he's so funny.

Speaking of Braden...have I mentioned that since the day he was born he would never poop in an already wet diaper? Yet the second I change him into a fresh, clean, dry diaper--he's all for it. He takes the biggest load ever. Every morning, without fail, I change him and within 5 minutes I have to change him again. What is with him? His tendencies crack me up.

We had a good night last night (until I started feeling bad) and we've had a great day so far today. Nora and Braden played together good all morning and let me rest and I'm so thankful. I have class tonight. Maybe I shouldnt go since I didnt feel good. But I probably will. Anyway, it's pretty uneventful around here today. Just thanking God for my children, my health, my home and this weather!!!

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