Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Kids!

Daniel had half the day off of work today so we decided to take the kids to the pumpkin patch! I didnt know it, but when I got home and looked up last year's pictures I realized we took them on this exact day last year! It was awesome and they had such a good time! Last year's trip was not quite as enjoyable. I had just had Braden and was still nursing. It brought back so many memories for me. I was pretty miserable yet I remember just trying to survive and do things that were fun for Nora. I didnt realize how much of a blur this time in my life was at this point last year. I feel so awake, alive and alert right now and I love being so in tune to the things in my own life, my children's life and what God is doing all around us! I added some pictures of today and from last year for you to enjoy. I cant believe how big my babies are!

Revival at church last night was AMAZING. Daniel and I had an awesome experience with God together and God spoke an awesome word over our lives and our future. We're praying about what we think it could mean for us and are excited to see the fruits of our prayers come to pass! We went to bed calmly and after our prayer time together and at 2:15 God woke both of us up to pray. There were acorns from our tree falling on our house so loudly that we literally thought our roof was caving in on us. We both woke up right away and even walked outside to see what was happening. After God had our full attention, we realized we needed to pray. We did...for a half hour and then we fell back to sleep. I realized that we had asked God for more of His presence and told Him that we were willing to obedient in whatever it was He asked of us. It wasnt until our 2:15 am prayer meeting that I realized He was as serious as we were. He wanted to touch us last night and in a very intimate way, He did. We're not exactly sure who or what we interceded for, but we know that God performed a miracle in someone's life last night. I thank God for using us because we truly are hungry and we truly are willing. His presence is amazing.

With Fall approaching and life feeling so perfect, I cant help but wake up each day and wonder what new thing God has for me each day. Life is so beautiful and I love learning and growing. I love feeling my frustrations and yet giving them to God. I love looking at my husband and knowing that he is used of God as well...and mightily I may add. I love looking at the kids and seeing the promise of God fulfilled in their lives. This is by far my favorite time of year and I cannot wait to experience it with Daniel without him being overseas, or me being exhausted from having a newborn. Finally...we might get to enjoy the season in which we fell completely in love with one another and realize what it was that God purposed for us...even then.

Daddy and Braden today!

Nora and Bubba boy in the hay maze today!
Braden, Sept 18, last yearBraden, Sept 18, this year!
Nora, Sept 18, last yearNora, Sept 18, this year!
Our babies in the wagon last year...Our redheaded wild things in the wagon today!

Mama & Nora checking things out last year...

Daddy & Braden checking things out today!

Miss Elaine last year! So beautiful and my all time favorite picture...

Nora today!

Big boy being a child of the corn. haha.

Nora and dad goin into the corn maze today...

Nora in the bus last year...

Nora in the bus today...

Mommy & Nora last year. What a baby :(

Me & Nora Today!!!

Daniel & I Today!

My babies. All of them...

Braden was SO tired! What a chunka lunk!

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