Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend and Weight. Oh what fun.

Apple N' Pork was awesome! I went both days with no kids! I was telling Jeni on Saturday that I dont really know why I have been so excited about it other than this is the first year in 3 that I havent been pregnant or with a newborn for some event. It just felt nice and easy. It was refreshing to know that I'm finally to a place where I can leave them with someone for a few hours and enjoy myself a little. I got a new fence for the front of the house and a fall wreathe to hang on it that is so beautiful! I also got a new shoe cabinet (well it's antique but its new to me. haha) It was so much fun!

Saturday night we went to a wiener roast at my grandma Donna's house. It was a blast! We took our friends, Katie and Adam and their kids and Abby and Andy also went with us because Andy has never been on a hay rack ride! He had such a good time and Nora loved it too! I know I have said it 100 times but I just love this season! I love looking at my husband and knowing I fell in love with him in a hoodie. I remember the exact night and the exact moment when he kissed my forehead that I was completely, ridiculously, obsessively in love with this man and to this day...I still am. He's such a great daddy and husband and friend and I am just so blessed beyond words. I am more thankful this year than ever before that the Marine Corps is behind us and he is home for good. God is such a faithful and loving God!

I am struggling a little bit in my mind lately with my weight again. It's not that I struggle with feeling OVERWEIGHT, it's just that I cant get a handle on not thinking about it ALL the time. I feel quite obsessive in my mind and I hate that it consumes my thinking. I am content and happy with myself and yet the enemy knows it is my weakness and that he can trap me into self absorbed thinking. I hate that. I find myself constantly comparing myself to this image of other women. What is it that I am after? No one's body is 'perfect.' I think as women we all have some small struggle with it anyway, but I just want to meet this picture of perfection that I have built up in my mind--only I know realistically that will never come because nothing I do will put to ease or put to rest this thinking. Only God can free me from it and daily I am praying that He would help me love my body as much as I have learned to love the rest of this woman that I am! I truly do. I feel at peace with every other part of me.

Please, Lord, help me to feel beautiful always. Help me to achieve healthiness and not be worried, anxious, or obsessive about a number or even an appearance. You have perfected me in your image, O God, and I know this. I am trusting you. I need you and I love you.

Danny boy and I at the cookout. He's so handsome.

Jake & I... We look so much alike...
My little guy. Yes, he's wearing chucks.
Nora watching Adam and Justin cook hot dogs.
Aunt Jeni & NoraElaine
Daddy & Bubby
One of my favorite pictures ever.Me & Katie. Love her!
Abby took this of Braden on the way home...
Playing football like a biggggg boy!
Me, Braden, Katie and Jaden listening to Andy tell us something apparently really cool.
All of us.
Lady girl on the way home. Tired!!!

Buddy boy all worn out!

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