Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Girls!

We've had a busy couple of days. I'm pretty exhausted really. My friend Lindsay and her kids came over on Tuesday which just happened to be her birthday. It was good to see them and visit with them even though it always seems so short. Jake's birthday was Wednesday. He turned 11! He had a great party at the hotel here in town so that his friends could all swim and eat cake. It was a blast and the kids loved it. After his party, Jeni and I took Nora and Braden to the fire truck parade. It lasted 5 minutes but the kids loved it! haha.

Yesterday I had to teach my first Pilates class at the Y. I wasnt supposed to start until later in the month so when they called last minute the night before, I was nervous. It went well though and I'm glad the first one is over! I cant wait to keep it up!!!

Yesterday was a very important day to 2 very important people in our lives!

Mia Grace Elizabeth Villanueva turned 3 years old!!!

This little girl has shown me so much about life in the past year. I love her more than she could ever know and I love her mommy so much too! She makes me so proud and I am amazed at how smart she is. She is brave and full of so much courage. Her daddy is STILL in Iraq but will be home in a few short weeks. I cant wait to finally see them together again. Happy Birthday Gracie Poo. I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the end of the world!

Rachel Lynn Pettit also had a birthday yesterday!

I know without even writing it that our friendship goes unsaid. This girl has been my best friend since the day we first started talking. I have confided in her, loved her and cherished her in so many ways. We have been through deployments, births of my babies, trips to IL and back to NC together, husbands screwing up, laughter, tears, and so much more. She has been my strength and courage when I had none. She has shown me beauty in new ways and taught me that loving God is simple and easy. Her relationship with the people in her life is true, real, delicate and vital and I am so proud to be her best friend. I love you Rache! I wish I could have shared your day with you but know that I did in my heart. We'll see you guys soon and I am so proud of you! You are an inspiration to me and I am thankful for you every day!!! Hope it was a great one!

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