Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If only all the mice were as cute...

So I thought you'd all appreciate a little sneak peek at Braden's mouse costume. I couldnt get Nora to cooperate with pictures in hers, but Braden was so thrilled to be in his, he didnt mind. He's so cute!
He cant quite figure out the hands. haha.

Daddy and his buddy.

Oh, how cute is that?

I hope that the weather is warmer on Friday than it has been the last 2 days! We actually had a few flurries last night. Can you believe it? I wanted fall...not winter! Anyway, we're so excited to take the kids trick-or-treating and let them run around in their costumes. This year is so refreshing for me as a mom. Last year I didnt even take the kids out. Braden was only 2 months old, still crying constantly, it was beyond freezing and Daniel was working nights which meant that I had no help to take them even if I wanted to. It was pointless. This year, they are so much fun and understand things and will be such a joy to watch run from house to house!

Nora is so into dressing herself these days! She puts her pants on (sometimes inside out), puts her shirt on, her socks on and then her pj's back on top of all of that! She finds "cute dresses" that she wants to wear around the house..and of course we let her. Last Sunday she even picked out her dress and watned to keep her pajama pants on under it. There's no fighting with her about it and you all know I like to choose my battles, so we let her do that too. She looked cute as ever. I love watching her learn and accomplish new things. I can tell it makes her proud. She'll say, "thank you mom!" and I'll say "I'm proud of you baby...you look beautiful!" She thinks she does too!

Last night, Daniel and I went out to eat with the rest of his coworkers (the mail carriers.) It was fun and I really enjoyed it. I'm glad that we are part of something where we get to be involved like that. I didnt get any pictures of us, unfortunately, but we looked sharp. Daniel is letting his hair grow and had fixed it nice with gel. I dressed up and felt cute. It was just overall a good night.

The kids and I woke up in a cold house today because again, its only like 36 degrees outside. We spent the morning playing and trying to keep warm. I am really tired of Braden being so fussy and demanding. I wonder when he wont be anymore and what will I do with the peace and quiet? Who knows. I know I dont need to think about it anytime soon because this boy is as noisy and needy as ever. I love him though because he sure is cute. He's a joy, really. Just challenging. Speaking of challening...he's crying now. He just woke up and expects me to be right there to get him. haha. Gotta run. Enjoy the pics and I'll update again soon!!!

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