Saturday, October 4, 2008

Little Update. Lots of pictures.

The last few days have been busy around here! I've babysat and the kids have been able to go outside in the fall-like weather! It's so nice. Friday night we ate dinner with Katie and Adam and then went to the homecoming football game, but other than that and normal errands, there isnt a whole lot new around here. Braden was up teething again last night. When will this child ever sleep? Anyway, I got lots of good pictures over the last few days that I wanted to share with everyone. I included captions so you'd know where they were from. I'll write more soon! We love you all!
Playing outside (bundled up of course!)

This boy has my heart... He now offically loves to give kisses! and they are yummy!!! My new wreathe and fence from apple n' pork! Braden showing off my new garden skeleton that I also got at apple n' pork! Braden outside here at home Nora wanted to sit with him next to the pumpkin. It looks so cold in these pictures!Daddy was raking up acorns. The kids wanted to help... While Nora was being a HUGE helper... ...Braden is trying to eat EVERYTHING in sight... ...when I finally tell him "No! No! Braden!"... (the face Daniel is making is what I have seen for the past 13 months...haha) ...did you get the full effect of all that?... ....and then, finally...after the meltdown of the century...he's fine again.
Us before the homecoming game. haha. I walked in and caught Braden in his own world, but praising the Lord! He really is sweet. haha.

Nora eatin noodles too!

Her dad made her a sign!

We went to my mom and dad's this morning. It was a beautiful and fun day!
Braden LOVES dogs and animals. Nora, not so much.

Life is sweet!
Nora and poopaw on the scooter!
Just me!

Now...get off your computer and go kiss someone YOU adore!

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