Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sickkkkk girl.

Yesterday morning Nora woke up as usual. She tried climbing out of her crib and played and giggled and acted fine. Ten minutes later, she puked all over the toy room. I assumed it was from the antibiotics and that she would be better after that. She was for most of the day. Last night after we got her and Braden all dressed and ready to go to Mia's party at Chuck-e-Cheese, she puked again in the van. twice. So needless to say, she was a very sick girl. She kept saying "I'm sick. Brr. I'm cold, mom." It was terrible and I cried at least 3 times. I felt so helpless. I'm happy to say, however, that she is feeling much better today. So far, no pukage. I'm pretty stoked about that, although I feel like I smell it everywhere. haha. It's probably because I saw so many hot dog chunks that I myself could have vomited.

Yesterday was one of those child against mother conspiracy days I do believe. I woke up early because I had to babysit. On any other given day, Braden would be wide awake and crying at 7 am. He will not stop until I get him up. It's not as if I can let him fuss and he'll entertain himself in his crib for an hour. no no. This child of mine is very much an attention hog and will do anything to get mine. Not yesterday though. I mean if I didnt have to get up early, he would have. But since I had to he, of course, slept until 9:30. I wanted to cry. Then Nora wakes up on her puking rampage and I feel so completely overwhelmed. Plus,...Alainna, the baby I watch on Friday's, wasnt feeling well so she was snotting and puking too. It was lovely. Needless to say, when Daniel got home I decided to go for a walk!

It was a beautiful day! Today is just the same. It's in the low 80's and the wind is blowing and the trees are finally changing and it is seamlessly perfect. Except the bugs. The bugs are terrible. But other than that, I felt so at peace and calm on my walk yesterday. I was thanking God for the gift of our senses. That I could see, smell, hear, and feel the awesomeness of the day. I was just so humbled by his beautiful masterpiece. I also found myself thanking God for the discipline that I have found within myself to continue walking every single day. Usually, no matter how I feel. With His help, I have found a new strength and power inside of this body.

Then, this morning, Rache called and we were talking about God and life and discipline and I was quickly reminded that we need to be careful what we say and how we boast about the things we think we have under control in our lives. What is going to happen to my exercise discipline when winter comes? I could easily say that I'll find a way and that I'll stick with it, but I just cant guarantee that today. We cant be too sure of anything that we think we have handled or under control...even with God's help, because we are human and we are faulty. This goes for anything in any situation I believe. I would love to say that I have myself disciplined not to operate in anger because God has been teaching me about that, but that is not always for certain. Situations change and people change and because of that, the things we think are certain and blameless in our own lives sometimes arent. Be careful and constantly wake up and check yourself against God's word and the things he is trying to teach you. Otherwise, at any given moment, any of us can fall into satan's trap of deceiving us, thus making us eat our own words of confidence. Be aware and cautious. God himself tells us to be!

Anyway, after that little sermon...
When I got home from my walk, Daniel motioned for me to come inside. He had gotten a shower and looked so nice to go to Mia's party and Nora was still asleep. I walked in to see a new bench sitting in our shoe room! It matches my new shoe cabinet and my decorations that are already in that room. It looks so nice!

He knew I had been wanting one but also knows I wont ever give in and spend the money to get it. So, he went by a rummage sale where it was at, stopped and got it. It's so cute and I'm so thankful! He said "isnt this better than flowers?" I said "mmm...?" (I would still like flowers. What girl doesnt?) But I know he's thinking of me. He's wanting to show me in new and unique ways and that makes me feel so loved.

Today is pretty calm. The kids and I arent doing anything. I think I'll walk again by myself when Daniel gets home from work and before I make dinner. Here's hoping we have a relaxing evening! Daniel has a two day weekend since he has Monday off so instead of fighting (which is typical on days off) I hope we find time to really enjoy one another and the kids!

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