Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday thoughts...

Nora has had a rather long, exhausting week. With the bug bite, trip to the Doctor's office and then getting sick she should be just plain tired! I am happy to say, however, that as of last night she is back to her normal, sassy self. She is so funny! She thinks she is the boss lately and I look at her sometimes and literally see a reflection of myself. When she is screaming "no no no Braden!" in his face I admit I get a little sad thinking that I might actually look that way to them. haha. She was so excited to get up and go to church today. That was the first thing she said when I got her out of bed and she wanted a pretty dress too. She is so smart and amazes me with her wonder. She is always wanting to learn more and know more and do more. She's such a little woman and I love how she is so polite and yet passionate. She's just the greatest. I think back to when I was pregnant with her and how consumed I was at the thought of her. Now I look at her and literally cry sometimes just at how God is using her in the lives of so many people.

I was expressing to Rachel awhile ago about the differences between Braden and Nora. The frustration I often feel from him and the delicacy of her presence. Rachel abruptly reminded me that when I was pregnant with Nora I had a daily prayer that I prayed over her little life. I would constantly pray that God would use her as a light to others. That she would be easy to love and would generate a calm and awesome beauty of God that people would be drawn to. I feel like God answered that prayer 100 fold in Nora's life. She is a light and a joy and a beautiful picture of the greatness of our God.

Now, dont get me wrong. I prayed daily over Braden as well when he was being formed inside of me. My prayers were just different. From the beginning of my pregnancy I sensed such a difference in my body, spirit and mind. I was concerned and frustrated even in my pregnancy with Braden. I think even then, God was preparing me and teaching me how to be a mother to a boy. It requires a different strength, attitude and prayer. I still pray many of the same things over them but I often pray very different things over them as well. For instance, I pray that God would give Braden a sense of strength that only a man of God should feel. I pray that God would prepare his heart to be a good husband and father someday. I pray that God would teach him how to work with his hands and be honorable and humble. Over Nora, I pray that God would help her to have the desires that a wife should have. I pray that God would use her to be a gentle spirit and a kind heart for people to turn to in their time of need and that she would be used of Him in those situations. I pray she would be a good listener and a good friend.

I find that I am growing and learning more about these children every day. Braden is starting to show a new side of himself while developing a very strong and hilarious personality. Nora is maturing in many ways and is starting to become less and less like a baby and more and more like a child. It is scary, sad and hard but it is exciting and exhilarating to me at the same time! I sometimes wonder what other mothers think when reading my blog, especially mother's who only have boys or who dont have a child like Braden. But then I realize that I can only write how I feel and how God is constantly changing me and helping me grow as a mom. Because I am. And I am so thankful for these children and for the life that I have with them.

Anyway, last night was fun! The kids and I turned on a CD and were jammin out in the toy room. Braden is a dancin fool and Nora wanted piggy rides so we had a good time doing that right before bed. The kids were lovin on each other in the bathtub and then fightin with each other over toys when they got out. (so typical). This morning they both went in the nursery and stayed in there without crying which is a HUGE step! I was so proud and relieved. Anyway, here's a couple pictures. It's beautiful outside so while they're sleeping and daddy's home...I think I'll sneak away on a little walk. Have a good day and holiday tomorrow!!!
This is without being told to do so. aww....
This face that Braden is making is so typical of him. Nora laughs at him all the time which makes him think he's even funnier.
Nora being a silly girl today after church. haha...

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