Friday, October 24, 2008


My back is finally better! After 11 days of nothing but pain, I woke up on Wednesday and actually felt normal. Felt fine! God is an awesome, healing God. It's in His time and with His preparation of our hearts that we can finally see and accept the plan He has for us to be well. It is about being patient, trying to have understanding and getting through it knowing that in the process there is a God who cares and who is working on healing you! I'm so glad to be feeling better. I even taught pilates Tuesday night when I was still in some slight pain and then went to class again last night. I feel great! I start teaching next Tuesday by the way. So excited!!!

Yesterday was Daniel's day off so we took the kids with us to the mall to shop for their Halloween costumes and for a couple new sweaters for me, since most of my winter clothes are too big. The kids the mall. We found their costumes at Old Navy for half off and so I was thrilled. Nora's a butterfly and Braden is a mouse. He is the CUTEST mouse I have ever seen in my life and he LOVES his costume. haha. Nora's pretty proud of her wings as well. After we got the costumes, everything kinda went south. Other kids who were shopping with their moms were quiet and good. Most of them looked Nora's age and they werent making a sound. Most of them looked like their mommy's spent a lot of time at the mall, though. haha. Nora, on the other hand, was screaming "I want that, mom!" "I'm ready to go, mom!" "Letssss go, mommmmm!" What 2 year old says that? haha. I got to try on a few things but ended up getting frustrated and stressed and anxious. I left with a pair of jeans, a pair of black pants for church and weddings and stuff, and 2 sweaters. That should be plenty. If not, I dont have much of a choice. Daniel said that I should have just went alone if I knew it was going to be such a big ordeal. Mind you, he would have thrown the biggest fit had I have mentioned him staying home while I took off on a shopping day. haha. Oh well. We got the costumes. I'm satisfied with that.

Rachel and Amos made it back to NC safely from the Hawaii trip. Thanks for your prayers! They had a great time.
Alex should be home in something like 9 days!!! Felicia is flippin out in her own quiet kinda way. She's still in disbelief that it's happening, but it is! Soon!!! I'm so excited for them!

We have nothing to do tonight and then I'm going to a wedding with my mom tomorrow. It's gonna be a pretty calm weekend around here, which I'm thrilled with. It's rainy and cold anyway so we might as well tuck ourselves inside and pretend that the world outside ceases to exist. Even for an evening, that will be nice.

I'll post some pictures soon. Havent taken many in the last few days, because we havent done a whole lot. The kids have still not been feeling well and so other than pictures of them following me around, crying and whining...theres not alot to see. I'll write again soon. Love you all...

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