Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Will not be shaken!

"I am at rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I will NOT be greatly shaken."
--Psalm 62:1-2--

The last few weeks have been very dry for me spiritually. And admittedly, I have been extremely lazy in my walk with God. I know that we all go through times like this...I just hate when it's me. I know that I am called by the Lord to be an encouragement. A strong tower. A voice of truth, wisdom and guidance. I received these gifts years ago and have operated in them since. Lately, however, I have felt God hear my cries of exhaustion and I can sense what He is currently doing. I can see that He is using the people that I would typically be encouraging or lifting up doing just the same to me. For instance, Felicia called and reminded me how awesome our God is to handle our finances. She explained how God had worked in a situation in her life by blessing her. I was awestruck and so incredibly proud that she recognized that God had worked in her life. She knew that He cared about the details of our every day! And then just today, my mom was talking to me about the holidays and when I spoke with her, I just felt the presence of God in her voice. It was refreshing to me. I knew that without saying anything, we were connected in our thinking. And I started teaching pilates last night and in the midst of my teaching, was overwhelmed by the wonderful people that God has already begun to bring into my life. I feel new today. I feel as if, even though I havent read my Bible like I should be, or I havent had face time with God...He still is listening. He still is concerned. He still is.

Just know that if you are feeling overwhelmed or just plain tired of trying to maintain a strong spiritual walk with the Lord...that He sees your heart. He knows that it is your desire to love Him and serve Him. He isnt going anywhere and He will be patient. He loves us and cares about how we feel. Even when we are weary, tired, frustrated and just plain lazy. He knows you. And He will not leave you. He is God.

There isnt much new to be told on our end today. I just wanted to put up some new pictures and write again about the journey of loving God. I just cant express enough how awesome it is to serve Him and be in his presence. To hear Nora say "hello Jesus." And to know that when music plays, Braden will lift his hands. I know that although I dont always find time or make time to do the things I think I should do as a Christian, God honors me anyway. Through my children, through the people that I have been faithful to in my life, and through myself. God honors our love for Him, not our works or our efforts. How refreshing!!! I will not be shaken because I feel distant or weak. I will not be shaken because God is faithful and I will strive to be as well!

Here's a few new pics of the wild ones. We love you all!!
Bubby cant seem to figure out how to use a spoon. Poor thing. (or poor me since I have to clean up!)
Nora bein sassy about something. haha.
Having a tea party.
Goin in for a kiss. Braden knew it was comin too...
Yellin at bubba. Bossy pants. Jumpin on the couch. You know those women who, when they lose weight, lose it in the face and look great? I am not one of those women. My weight loss doesnt happen in my face. the pictures I post of my face (with the kids, with Daniel, etc.) you cant see the full effect of my efforts. I thought I'd show one last picture of my weight loss journey since I plan on staying this weight forever now :) This was taken today. Tada!

The next couple of pictures are distorted because they are actually pictures OF pictures. My mom took these at Jake's birthday party with a disposable camera and they are so cute as actual printed photos. I didnt post any pictures of the party, so I thought I'd let you in on the fun we had! The last picture is just of me with my camera outside. My mom wanted to capture that, I guess. haha.

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Sarah said...

awesome blog today! i really enjoyed it. your kids are growing up so fast and great job on all the weight loss efforts! keep it up! you're such an inspiration.