Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Birthday pictures!

As I wrote last night, my birthday was awesome. I wanted to take a few minutes today to put up a few pictures. So far we've had a great day today as well! Tonight I'm having my mother-in-law and Daniel's grandma over for a chicken thanksgiving dinner. haha. I cant believe that tomorrow is actually Thanksgiving but I'm excited. It brings us closer to Christmas and closer to seeing the excitment on my babies' faces during the holidays!!! I love it! So here are the pictures. Enjoy and have a great Thanksgiving. I'll try to write about our day tomorrow evening! Love you all!

Nora was being super loving to me yesterday. She couldnt stop saying "Happy Birthday mama!"

Not sure what my face is doin in this one, but I love that she was snugglin...
I was bein a huge dork and suprised Daniel by jumpin on him for this picture. If it were bigger you could see he looks as if I weigh 300 pounds. It cracks me up...haha.
Probably one of my favorite pictures of all times. I love her!
The babies last night before we went to dinner. They were watching veggietales and not about to look at me for some more pictures. Brother man this morning. Being a silly boy with his food. He's so beautiful!
Nora this morning.
Braden when he first woke up. Baby in hand. Bottle in mouth. Sleepy eyes. *sigh*
My lady in the bath tub. Just love her smile so so much!

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