Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am so fired up about so many things today. I suppose it's my hormones, or maybe just my spirit being quickened to the ignorance of so many people around me doing so many selfish and ridiculous things. I'm so sick and tired of Christians being called close-minded, judgemental and acting holier than thou just because we stand on the word of God. In case those of you who think these things about us don't realize it...I didnt write the Bible. I am not the God who inspired those men to write the things that they did--but I will proudly stand behind it and firm in my beliefs. Because in our convictions, I know that God lets us all know what is right and wrong. We simply choose to ignore it or embrace it.

I cannot stand Oprah. Yes, I watch her show. I am interested in some of her topics but I believe without a shadow of a doubt that she is sending a message that is false to millions of Americans. They are believing her lies and sick perceptions. This woman claims to be Christian. Then she stands on her stage and is appalled that Proposition 8 got passed. I am a Christian and I am thrilled that it got passed! I do not hate homosexuals. I love all people...including gay people. I do not love the sinful act of homosexuality, however. God calls it an abomination. The Bible is the unchanging truth that we stand upon so why is it that we feel we can change it to fit our times, the ages, or our own thinking? God also warns about that. I am so fed up with it. I am so fed up with Oprah thinking that because she has money, she can transform the word of God. She says that homosexuality is a civil rights issue and not a spiritual one. I beg to differ. The Lord loves all people. I know that He does because He is that kind of God. We are so blessed to serve Him. I just think that He is as upset and more about the way that people are justifying their actions and not depending on him.

I am also tired of seeing so many people around me hurting because of other people's selfish ambition. Why do we do that? Why is it so easy to hurt those you love because of something you desire that is clearly leading you on a path of destruction and spiritual death? ugh.

I am also tired of seeing people around me destroy themselves by being unhealthy. I am not judging anyone. I simply think that you should take responsibility for your own bodies, your own health and your own minds. I am disgusted at the obesity rate in the United States and it breaks my heart to know that so many children are dying in other countries....and many here as well. I can walk into a restaurant and see a whole freezer packed full of MASSIVE steaks that you can pick out and even cook yourself. How nasty is that? I cant even look at it without being absolutely appalled at the way that most Americans are going through their day to day lives just living without a care about anything or anyone else except for themselves and what is pleasing for the moment. One lady at the restaurant last night was so interested in cooking her food, I litearlly watched her walk away from her little girl (that was probably Nora's age) to go to the grill. A few minutes later the girl was right by our table saying "mama? mama?" and the mom was so far across the place she never even heard her. It made my stomach turn and we almost left because of it. That mother was so concerned with her food that she left her child behind. That is how abductions happen....and all because of food? We are a sick nation.

Oh goodness. I know that you are all reading this thinking I've lost my mind. haha. I just need a good vent every now and then and very rarely do I do that here. I apologize. But I do feel much better. I could go on and on today because I'm so upset about so many things. But, I will not do that because I am also clear that the Bible says we are to comfort one another and edify each other with our words. I don't want to discourage you or bring you to a place of frustration (such as the place I am in.) This day will pass and I will wake up renewed. I am only human and I feel certain things just like everyone else.

God help me to clear my mind and focus on you.


Anonymous said...

I do know exactly how you are feeling. Righteous anger I like to call it ;).lol.

Kalli said...

Oh boy, I get those frustrations so often. Hope the vent helped :)