Saturday, November 8, 2008

Drumroll Please...

After a long, exhausting day of 12 hour training yesterday, I am officially a ...
Certified Fitness Instructor!!!
It may not seem like a big deal to some, but it means a whole lot to me. Just to know that I can still accomplish something like this after years of not doing a good feeling.

Being a fitness instructor simply means that I am able to work with healthy adults, children and teenagers by teaching fitness classes and giving them advice or answers only in my range of knowledge. I am so excited! We started class at 8 am and got done at 8 pm. We had a 50 question test at the end which I passed with flying colors although I was so nervous all day.

I hated being away from the kids for that long but I got to talk to Nora twice on the phone and she was doin just fine without me. haha. Meme, Nanny, Jake, Daddy, and even Poo-Paw came over to play yesterday (mostly at different times.) They were entertained and not focusing on the fact that I was gone. Still, it was the longest I've ever left them but I'm so glad I did. I feel so accomplished even over this little thing. It feels good to know that I worked hard for something that I love doing. God's hand is upon me in this and that also feels so good to know.

Felicia called yesterday and although it seems like I should be letting you all know that Alex is holding Mia and Sonny right now...he is not. Not quite. His flight keeps getting pushed back so currently he is supposed to be getting in at a little past 8 tonight. Felicia's mom arrived in TN yesterday along with her brother and his girlfriend so they are all together and just patiently waiting. She's cried some and feels like he's never going to get there, but all in all she's doing great!!!

Adam and Katie are coming over for dinner tonight. I'm so excited! I love seeing them. I miss the boys too. Anyway, it should be a good time. Cant wait!

Thats about it for us. Looking forward to Daniel's day off tomorrow and just relaxing since it's so dang cold outside! Anybody else have mice in the house? We do. Go figure. Love you all!!!


Rachel said...

Man I am so proud of you! You totally busted your butt for this and you deserve it! Everyone will benefit from this little "job" .. it will be a nice break and if nothing else, just something you can say you accomplished on your own. Love you!

Mrs. R said...

CONGRATS!!! I wish I could take a class under you. I miss going to the Y or an actual gym (that's not on base....). That's so awesome, I'm proud of you!!