Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Elections, wars, and heros.

So after a disappointing election last night (to say the very least) I woke up feeling so sad inside this morning. I cried a little last night. I'm slightly ashamed in our country and the decision that was made. Mostly discouraged and embarrassed. Fearful also comes to mind. President Barak Obama. Something just isnt right with the sound of that. I am thankful that the election is over, however. But I am not looking forward to the days and months to come. I have to raise my children in this country, which is a blessing in any light, but what lies ahead? How will they be affected by this one decision? How will we? There are hundreds upon hundreds of babies being aborted, and Mr. President is ok with it. In fact, he supports it. There are men wanting to marry other men and not only have sex with them freely and openly, but also wanting to adopt children into that situation. Again, Barak supports it. Oh and if you served this country in Iraq, or are still serving...your efforts mean little because Obama is going to pull us out of a war that we are not finished fighting. I feel so deeply hurt inside for my husband today. For our other friends, like Alex and Felicia who have sacrificed SO much of themselves for a war that we are now going to abandon. I am devastated. And I cant write much more about it. I know in my head that God's hand is upon this nation but there are times, I must admit, when I wonder if His wrath is coming for the evil that is so strongly present in this time and season. I hope that His return is near.

Yesterday was a slightly better day with the kids and thus far this morning Braden hasnt cried, so we are doing good. haha. Nora is so sweet and is learning so much lately. She wants me to read to her like 300 times a day, which I totally do. She will just say the cutest things to me and I appreciate my time with her so much right now. Braden is blowing kisses and playing "Where's Braden" by covering his ears instead of his eyes. He thinks he's hiding and when he throws his hands off of his ears, we say "There he is!" and he claps and smiles. haha. He's a goof. He is constantly telling me to "Just stop!" which I know is terrible because that is quite literally the only thing the child ever hears me saying when he cries (which is all the time.) haha.

Felicia is leaving today with the kids to make the drive to TN. Alex will be home early Friday morning or sometime that day, depending on what flight he takes. It's a 5 hour drive so please keep her and the kids in your prayers as they make the journey to daddy! I am so beyond excited for them to be together and for Alex to see Sonny boy! That little guy is doing so much it's unbelievable and his daddy will finally get to see it all. Mia knows he's coming home and keeps telling me all about how she's gonna kiss him alot when she sees him. It's bittersweet for me to watch them go. Of course I am thrilled and proud of and excited for them. Yet a piece of me is driving away today too. I have spent all day every day with them for months now. I have got Felicia through the bad days and she has done the same for me. We have watched each other's kids, yelled at each other's kids and learned to love each other's kids as if they are our own. I know the way that Sonny smells by heart. I know what Mia sounds like when she is whining for a drink. I cant wait for their dad to get to know them in those ways again, but it's hard for me to know that our lives wont be the same for well over a year when they all finally move back to IL. God's hand is upon their lives, though, and I am beyond certain that His plan is remarkable from this point forward. Huge things are going to happen and I hope that they are ready to accept whatever His will is, because I feel as if change is going to take place in their lives--in such a radical and awesome way!

I love you, Felicia! I love you Alex! You guys are our best friends and I am so proud of you for your sacrifice, patience and pride in this country. You are great parents, partners and friends and you deserve to be together every day from this point on. You'll cherish each other in different ways now. You will find comfort in a wink, or holding hands on the way to the gas station. If you fight, it will never mean anything and it will pass quickly. You'll appreciate the greatness of breathing the same air and seeing the same stars. You will NEVER forget this time apart. It will make you cry many times even years from now when you think of the memories of this time in your life. But, you will be honored and proud to have been a part of something that was important. Something you believed in. We are.

We cant wait to see you guys together and to have dinner and to hear stories of Iraq. We have missed you so much, Alex. You're a hero and a darn good soldier! Thank God that you are coming home safely and healthy! We'll see you soon. We love you all.
(Alex is on the right)


Anonymous said...

Ramee, I understand somewhat (besides the part of serving our country) of what you are feeling. I went to bed last night angry, upset and and somewhat fearful of what lies ahead. As we were going to bed last night my husband brandon reminded me that God allows everything that happens and that he is still in control. Even though things don't look Good he is still God and he is still good! I pray also that he comes soon!! I really feel like our country is heading towards communism and it is really scary. Especially having a family! I feel like we are going to be headed toward much more persecution as christians. I just wanted to say that you aren't alone in your feelings. This man stands for everything I am against. It is easy to pray for those who you agree with and not so easy to pray for those you are against. So I will be laying down my flesh and praying for our new president in spite of everything. I commend you and your husband for everything you have done for this country and I am so proud of both of you. It wasn't in vain. God is working out everything for our good and I believe he is coming soon! We have this to look forward to!! ;)

Kalli said...

You say things so much better than I ever could. I can't understand how so many people blindly voted him into office, and I feel so dissapointed..
It makes me angry to think that Steve is there now and we are making these sacrifices as a family for possibly nothing. So disgusted with it all.
All that we can do now is pray, as you said.
Anyway, I'm Glad to hear your friends hubby is headed home! So good to hear that whether you know someone personally or not :)

Anonymous said...
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