Sunday, November 23, 2008

For I know the plans I have for you...

"For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope."
Jeremiah 29:11
For those of you that know, love, and serve Jesus; isn't it nice to know that God knows the plans He has for you?? Isn't it reassuring to know that although your life turned out nothing like you had 'planned' that it is all ordained by the king of kings? For me, I find that most exhilarating! I find it easy and peaceful and fulfilling. It's a blessing to know, in a sense, that I truly can't control anything. God has a plan! A purpose! And He is aware of that plan from before we are born until the day we die. He is in tune to us and is present with us. He knows our frustrations, our hurt, our anger, our unforgiveness. He sees our hearts and hears our cries. He is the God with a plan! How awesome is our God?

Believe it or not, this life that I'm living was not part of the plan I had pictured in my own mind. Sure, I wanted to be married and have kids at a young age. That was something that has been etched into my heart for as long as I can remember. However, I didnt "plan" on falling in love with my future husband when I was 17 years old. I "planned" on falling in love with a Christian man, not a rebellious teenage boy with addictions and baggage. I definitely didnt "plan" on that man falling in love with me and then leaving me to follow his dream of being a Marine (no matter what). I didnt plan on following him half way across the world, waiting on him during boot camp, training, deployment after deployment and then waiting on him some more. I didnt plan on Nanny going to paradise so soon. I didnt plan on my mom being so sad and my brother being so aggressive. I didnt plan on my dad becoming a Christian. I didnt plan on my grandpa getting remarried or my best friends moving so far away all the time. I didnt plan on Jimmy dying. I didnt plan on much. I'm so glad that I didnt. In fact, I have known for as long as I can remember that God is the Lord of my plans and my future. Therefore, I have allowed Him to be! I can easily sit back and surrender all of my human desire to be in control to Him, because He Is My God. (and he's good at what he does.)

Every single day I wake up to a testing, yet beautiful baby boy who lights up my life and brings me tremendous joy! He has the greatest smile, smells fantastic and loves with his entire little heart. He is so smart and so fully of energy and he completed everything I never knew was missing from my life. But...Braden was never part of my plan. He wasnt part of "our perfect family plan." God knew better! Thank you Jesus for Braden and for controlling my life! I am so thankful I trust Him to guide me and make the plans of my future for me. It is all up to Him and I am beyond thankful! Because I have surrendered any thoughts or expectations of the future to God, He has blessed me. It is a sacrifice to love Him sometimes. It is a sacrifice to surrender our "selves" over to His will. But I promise you that you will never. EVER. regret doing so. His plans for your life and future are perfect. Each and every step you take. Each and every day you live. Every hurt, heartache, joyful moment or accomplishment is because of the God who cares about your every detail! He is wonderful and beautiful and perfect. Give it all to God. He has control and He's just simply waiting on you to give him the go ahead. Acknowledge Him today. It will change your life and give you rest, peace and comfort. He loves you!!! He cares for you. He will provide and protect you. He is God. What a lovely God.

Here are some new pictures of the kids from the last couple of days. We love you all!!!

Last night I had a few girls over for a relaxing night of food, fingernail polish and stories! It was such a good night and I enjoyed it so so much! Thanks girls for being a part of that with me! Today Daniel and I took Jake ice skating in Bloomington. It was fun but after 5 minutes, I fell flat on my tummy and got hurt so I quit. I wasnt about to chance getting really hurt. Jake had a good time though and I was glad we got to take him. In 2 days I will be 24 years old. Seems weird. We dont have plans because I'm not big on spending money for nothing really. My mom's birthday is on Friday (after thanksgiving). I'm not sure what we're gonna do for that either. Over all, it was an awesome weekend and I'm excited about the holiday coming up. Please continue to lift up Danielle and her family after losing their cousin, Amber. They all seem tired. Please also lift up Daniel's job. Things are ok but there are alot of rumors of some changes about to be made, some of which include cutting his hours back. God has a plan, though, and we are not concerned. We are excited to see His blessing come forth in our lives!!! I'll update again soon. Gonna be a slow week on our end. Love you all!!!

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