Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Pictures!!!

Happy (late) Halloween! It came and went so fast I could hardly find time to breathe!!! We had an awesome day yesterday! First, Braden woke up at 6 am (not the awesome part) and then I had to babysit for Alainna at 8. When Nora woke up and I said "Happy Halloween!" she smiled as if she understood what that meant. She really didnt though. Lindsay brought Kyleigh and Cole over to play for most of the morning which was awesome! We havent seen them or spent time with them in a long time so it was a blast. I'm glad we did that yesterday!

When Daniel got home from work and the kids finally woke up from their naps, we got them all dressed, Nora's face painted and were on our way! We went trick-or-treating around the town's square for about a half hour. The businesses were all open to trick or treaters so that was neat. It was really a small town feel for the day and I enjoyed that alot! We ran into Mia and Sonny who looked cute as ever! I loved seeing them. It was fun walking around with Daniel on Halloween after him not being here for so many years! I felt so blessed and was of course giddy to show him and the kids off, in a way. haha.

We made the rounds to meme's house, papa Butch's house, Pawpy's house and grandma and grandpa dan's house after that. The kids enjoyed it but it's still so much more work than it is fun. Nora LOVED getting candy and they both ate SOOO much! After we were finished and got their costumes off, we took them to McDonald's and ate some good nuggets! Then it was home, bath and bed. I was beat, Daniel was exhausted and the kids were still wild as ever! It was a blast. A great day! I'm so blessed and so thankful that God allowed us to all be together finally. It has been a long time coming, but it was worth it last night. It felt so perfect and I loved being with the kids. They are my true joy!

Here are the pics. You know me, I cant just take a few. So...enjoy.

Yesterday morning in his pre-costume :)

Nora (also in her costume or better known as boots and diaper)

Mama & Bubba before we left the house!

There she is! My pretty butterfly!

She was such a pro.

Gettin sorta mouthy with mommy.

Aunt Jeni and Nora!

Daddy carried brother almost the whole time...

We tried to let him down...

...and the mouse ran away!

Nora and Mia (who was little red riding hood and looked beautiful as ever!)

My all time favorite picture of the night. She was soooo proud of herself for getting all that candy! Look in her hands! She wouldnt let it go.

On the car ride home, Braden was so tired his face looked like this the entire time...

...until we started laughing at him which made him smile too, finally.

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