Friday, November 14, 2008

just another day in paradise...

Today is a dreary day. It is slightly warmer than it has been, but rainy and dark. The kids are still napping after a long morning. I took a shower although I'm not sure why because we're gonna go work out as soon as Danny boy gets home from work. We've been taking the kids to the Y with us to play in the babysitting room. They enjoy it! As long as they are somewhere together, they seem to do great. I decided that I'm going to start teaching a kick boxing class in January! I'm so excited!

Braden learned to say Apple this week. He is officially saying the normal stuff such as mama, dada, baba, duck, ball, along with "I want that," "Just stop!" and now apple! He's learning so much every day. It's strange because I was just telling my mom today that the first 7 months of his life are such a blur to me because he was so crazy actin. Now all of the sudden, I am awake and present in everything that he's learning and its such an awesome feeling. He's my little lover too! He loves to give hugs and kisses. But only when HE wants to. He is climbing on everything and still falling all the time, which is still funny.

Miss Elaine is doing good too! She started holding up her little fingers and saying "I'm two!" That is something we taught her months ago and havent showed her since. She remembers the most random things at the most random times. She is counting to four. She knows the colors green and blue. She doesnt always get them right, of course, but she sure tries! She dresses and undresses herself constantly (and sometimes we find bubba's socks on her and find him barefooted). haha. I am having full blown conversations with her now which is a blast and much less lonely in the house. I was picking up toys today and she said "hey ya doin?" I said "I'm good Nora, how you doing?" to which she replied "I'm good. I'm good." It's just a joy to hear her voice and know that she is learning. She is ridiculously smart and the hand of the Lord is upon her every word. She has a heart that is genuine and pure and I can see that the Lord is going to use it for so much good! I love her so so so so so much!!!

We havent caught any mice in the last couple of days, although we caught a total of 6 before they slowed down. Daniel and his dad fixed the heat problem in Braden's room (if you remember, there was none.) They made a vented hold from the toy room downstairs through the ceiling and up into Braden's room. It is amazing how heat does rise and it is making a huge difference! I feel way better about winter already. Speaking of winter, it's supposed to snow tomorrow. A little, but I'm still excited! The first snow is my favorite day of the year, hands down. I feel in love, I feel youthful and it is just so beautiful!!! I cant wait!

Here are a couple of pictures from the last couple days. I know I'm slackin but I have 3 full camera cards that need to be developed just laying around. I'll do that soon so that I can get back to overloading you with lots and lots of pictures! Love you all!!!

Nora eatin apples!!!
haha. still eating apples...

I walk into the toy room and this is what I see...

He figures since he's busted, he'd better sit down.

I know it's deceiving because when you see us together, you may think he looks like me....

...but who am I kidding? For those of you that wondered...he is indeed the mail man's kid.

Daddy seein Nora when she woke up from her nap. Hence, the nappiness of her hair. haha

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Rachel said...

Oh gosh oh gosh they are just the loves of my life. I miss them so much. Braden is denying that one. Nora is you .. to a T!