Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday ramblings.

Hello Blog Family!
It is 9:40 am and I just got up a few minutes ago. Nora woke up but was playing quietly in her crib ( I could hear her on the monitor) and Braden just woke up a few minutes ago too but is still playing quietly in his crib (which has NEVER happened.) I'm taking advantage of these few short minutes I will have before beginning my day.
I love Mondays. I used to not like them as a teenager going back to school but I love them now. They are one of our more calm days. Daniel and I usually have nothing to do on these nights so I make dinner and we relax by playing with the kids. Then Jeni usually comes over to watch One Tree Hill with me and we are off to bed. It's just nice.

After yesterday's sermon at church, I felt as if I would wake up in Heaven today. The Lord is coming! There is such an urgency in my heart and in the mind's of Christians everywhere I know. It is exciting and I long to feel completely ready. In so many ways I am. I just have such a fear of the Lord and I want to know that I am prepared to see Him face to face. I cannot wait for paradise!!!

We have mice. I know you've read this before because I have actually talked about it quite often. It is fall time and here in Illinois it is quite common to have field mice come into your home. Or at least it was for me growing up. We lived in a remodeled farm house that was over 100 years old. It was small and mice probably thought it was cozy. This house of ours is similar in the fact that it is almost 100 years old. It is remodeled but not quite good enough to keep them all out. So, we caught 4 over the weekend. FOUR MICE! I know what you're thinking. But, it is not a sign of uncleanliness (you all know I spend most days psychotically cleaning this house from corner to corner). It is simply a sign of the age of the home and the weather outside. Daniel lived in town growing up and swears that they only had one mouse in 18 years of living there. In other words, he cant deal. He is so anal about finding them, watching them, killing them. He feels so invaded. As do I...but there's not much we can do about it other than what we are currently doing which is setting traps by the dozen. It is a pain and it is nasty. It causes me to do even more cleaning. But, if I have to hear about it one more time from him, I'm gonna punch him square in the face. haha. Not really...I love him. The Bible says there are spiders even in the kings castle (or something along those lines.) It puts it into perspective and keeps me humble. Anyone have any rodent suggestions???

We had a great weekend!!! Saturday evening Katie and Adam came over. I made our first big fall time meal (pork chops, potatoes, stuffing and macaroni and cheese). The kids played well and it was super enjoyable for all of us. Yesterday Daniel let me go to church alone so I could enjoy it without worrying about the kids. I needed that and it boosted my passion again. It was a great service! We watched the Hulk when the kids took naps and we snuck in a little one too. I made homemade grilled cheeses last night with a special recipe and we moved the kids' toy room around so that we can put the Christmas tree in there in a couple of weeks!!! It's all getting so exciting!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well. The weather is cold and perfect for cuddling. Enjoy it! I cant decide between baked chicken or chili for dinner tonight. hmmm...
My birthday is 2 weeks from tomorrow. I cant believe it. 24 years old. Where does time go? haha. Love you all!!!


Kalli said...

Oh I hear you on the field mice. You could always get a cat for outside to ward them off, or get one for inside and it'll hunt the little turds down. Our cats always used to have a hay day in fall for the same reason, fields and woods all around.
Good luck with getting rid of them and I hope you enjoy your monday:)

Anonymous said...

Oh.. Those pesty little things. I sometimes wonder what their purpose is?? The only thing I know to do is put traps down. I have heard not to put the poisen down because they could somehow get between the walls and rot in them. So you wanna go for the old fashion rat traps! Happy birthday early!! I too am looking forward to decorating for christmas. Though I wish I could put up a real tree. We have family that is deathly allergic so we kinda have to stick with the fake ones if we want to have anyone over around christmas time. So I am trying to talk the hubby into getting a nice fake tree instead of the twig one we have now!! Well have a great week and I look forward to reading your next blog! ;)

MrsHenebry said...

Hey Ramee! I'm sorry to hear about your mice :( Though you're absolutely right: clean house, dirty house, little house, big house, they all get them at some point or another! We had them in Illinois too! Doc used alot of the sticky traps in Iraq, and he said they worked really well! Illinois mice might be a little wiser though...they are, after all, professionals! :) Have a good week!