Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Woman of truth. Woman of virtue.

"Who can find a virtuous woman?"
Proverbs 31:10

Oh how I long to have the characteristics of a virtuous, proverbs woman. A woman that reacheth forth her hands to the needy (proverbs 31:20). Especially at this time of year. I want to be a woman that works willingly with her hands (proverbs 31:13). I feel that most days I succeed in doing so. I am constantly using my hands; whether it being changing a baby, doing the laundry, preparing our dinner, doing our dishes, exercising or giving someone a gentle hug. I know that this is not nearly enough, however. I feel that in my spirit. I want to get my hands dirty for the Lord in some new and other way. Maybe helping at a mission or volunteering my time making holiday baskets for the needy. Whatever it may be, I pray that Lord leads me to it.

I want to be a woman that others can look at and trust, respect, and depend on. I desire for them to see me as the woman described in Proverbs 31:27 that looketh well to the ways of her household. That is important to me on so many levels. The ways of our household may not be the same ways as others. We may do things differently and yet I know that it is the way God would have us do things. I feel confident in my role as a wife and mother in this home. I NEVER want to lose that. I want to look around and know that things are in order and things are the way the Lord has directed. It is a deep, intense and pleasurable feeling to maintain this household in such a way that would glorify our God.

"She openeth her mouth with wisdom." Proverbs 31:26
I know that this is an area that God has both blessed me with and I have cursed myself in. I realize that I have awesome potential to intervene into other's lives by the words that I say and sometimes I feel as if I fall short. Do you ever feel that way? You leave a situation feeling like you only joined the gossip and didnt feed the conversation with wisdom at all? God knows and expresses to us many times through His word that women have a sort of power in situations like this. We can speak with such strength that people will listen and acknowledge us. They will often times heed to our advice. I am praying and working on being a woman who speaks with wisdom. I hope to be that woman fully someday. Evaluate your own lives and join me in that same prayer. That we would be women of wisdom in our actions, thinking and especially with our words. It is our responsibility!!!

I love the proverbs woman! The words written about her truly are virtuous and strong. It speaks of her preparing meat for her home, bring food from afar, perceiving that her merchandise is good, knowing that her arms are strong, laughing at the times to come, fearing the Lord, having her husband praise her and her sons calling her blessed. She is a woman of integrity and morals. She is a woman that is confident and beautiful. She finds truth in the Lord and seeks his wisdom and deliverance. She is a woman that I long to be. She is a woman that is far more precious than jewels. Oh, how sweet to be that kind of woman.

Help us to have hearts for you. Hearts that desire to wake up and praise you, rejoice in your word, and lie down knowing that you're our king. Help us as women to have a heart that is generous, prosperous and growing. Help us to rely on your word to build the characteristics inside of our hearts that would lead us to be more like the proverbs woman. Help me to be a better wife and mother. Continue to guide me as I am learning daily how to manage this household in a submissive, yet strong and confident way. Let not my words be that of the enemy but those of encouragement and wisdom. Teach me Lord, how to raise my daughter and son to honor you. I love you and my desire is to better serve you. Your words penetrate my heart today God and I want to be changed. I want to be new. Thank you for the ability to do so. You're truly an awesome God.

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