Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another day. Another day inside.

It is 10:50 am. I have been awake with Braden since 7. Initially the day was going so nicely. He woke up and snuggled with me in bed as he drank his bottle. He was in a fairly good mood. Then Nora decides to wake up at around 9. She is in a feisty, lets get in alot of trouble mood. For instance, I walk into the toy room to see yet again that 3 Christmas tree bulbs are broken and Braden has blood in his hand. lovely. The tree's lights are plugged in. Nora said bubby did it. Bubby cant do it. haha. So I have to get out the vacuum and clean up again for the 40 thousandth time since we put the tree up. What a great idea, right? Like I need another thing to do in my crazy day. I love it.
Then, Braden poops. He has a diaper rash which he gets randomly anyway. This one is bad so I put the antibiotic cream on him that we got months ago. It always helps but always hurts him. In a fit of pain and madness, he pulled his poopy diaper out from under him, smearing it all the way up his body. Again, I love that. Yet another mess to clean up. Nora was so concerned though. She kept rubbing his head and saying "bubby dont feel good mom?" She's such a good sister. Anyway he wouldnt leave my side for almost the next half hour. He cuddled on my chest until I thought he was asleep only to hear Nora come storming in the room. He shot up like nothin and off he went to play.

Days like today exhaust me. I can tell that cabin fever isnt going to even come close to describing how I'll probably feel at the end of this winter. It has barely begun and I can feel the walls closing in. I'm trying to enjoy the kids more and worry about everything else less. Housework for instance. It always gets done so I'm trying to play with them first and worry about it last. It just shouldnt be a priority next to giving the babies the attention they want and need. I'm trying.

I have realized that I have become obsessed with calorie counting. Why? I dont understand either so I couldn't tell you. I went from counting weight watchers points to being controlled by the number of calories in a piece of cheese. I'm eating fine and eating anything I want just like always. I just find that I'm more tuned in to it lately. I have lost a few more pounds putting me at 111 on my scale. It feels nice although I truly am not trying to lose anymore. My body is just changing and pilates has much to do with it. I suppose it could also be due to the fact that I have increased my walking to running and my 3 miles to 5! I'm really proud of myself for that and know that at any given time I could finish a marathon. I'll do that someday--probably soon!

Alright, Daniel's home so Im gonna go make him some lunch. I'll update again soon. Just felt like writing some of this morning's happenings before I forget like I usually always do. Thanks for reading and for loving us despite the craziness of it all! We love you too!

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