Monday, December 22, 2008

Beyond Freezing!!!

It is currently 3 degrees outside. It was the same yesterday with the windshield well below 0. It's absolutely freezing and miserable. Our house was only 67 degrees all day yesterday and the draft was so strong. Most of you know that the front living room of our home doesnt have heat. It's a problem we have yet to solve. Anyway, last night we decided to warm up the van, bundle up the kids and head to my mom's for the evening. At least it might be warmer in a smaller house with lots more people in it! It was and it was a fun night. Then we drove around for awhile to look at Christmas lights, basically putting off coming into this cold house...

...which ended up being a nightmare. I have babies! Otherwise I wouldnt care so much that the upstairs bedrooms are like 40 degrees. I could deal--they cant. So, we loaded the mattress off of our guest bed down to the toy room which is by far the warmest room in the house. We nailed up a thick comforter over the wide door frame and brought down all of the blankets we own, it seems like. I knew it would be a long night trying to get the kids to sleep and stay that way. Nora did fine. It took her probably an hour before finally going to sleep but after that, she was out. Braden on the other hand wasnt having it. He's a fan of his crib, what can I say? I'm glad but it makes it hard in situations like this that are out of the ordinary. Daniel took him up to his room just to let him fall asleep and then he carried him back down with us. He woke up probably every half hour crying. It was awful. Daniel and Nora slept through it. I, being the mom, did not. Ugh.

So, besides being freezing and exhausted...things are good. I got all of my wrapping done yesterday in our cold bedroom while the kids napped. During Braden's nap, he woke up crying because he's teething. I got him up and had the sweetest 10 minutes just rocking him. I even teared up a bit because it really reminded me that even as an itty bitty baby, I didnt get to do that with him. He was always so hard to calm and didnt like to be rocked or soothed. So, I soaked it up. He patted my face and his eyes dozed open and shut. Finally, after his motrin kicked in, I put back in his crib. It was the sweetest part of my day by far! Saturday we had a Christmas party for my dad's side of the family and the kids got to see Santa. They didnt like him. haha. Today I am leaving the kids in their warm jammies and I'm staying in mine. I'm going to go to the Y later when Daniel gets home but other than that, I have no intention of getting out until the weather is better. I love winter (or the sight of it.) But man am I ever ready for spring! haha. It's only just begun too.

We have 3 days until Christmas. I am excited but cant believe it will be here and gone. It's so strange how life moves so quickly. Anyway, thinking of you all. Hope you're safe and warm.

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Janice said...

Ramee, I'm freezing just reading about how cold your house is, lol.

We have a big room that is the width of our house from front to back with a vaulted ceiling. It was an addition built on before we moved here and was designed to be heated by the woodstove so there is no other heat source in that room. When we don't have the woodstove going, we use a small space heater to take the chill out and it makes a huge difference. They're made really safe these days and some will even turn off if knocked over. Is it possible for you to try something like that to keep your living room warm? It was pretty easy for us to teach Cora to stay away from it. We just pretended we were in GREAT pain when we tried touching it, LOL. That scared her pretty good. My Erika uses one in her living room and in her downstairs family room, which can get pretty chilly.

It's cold here today too. I just read the outside thermometer and it's 7 degrees. I'm keeping warm though because I have my TV yule log burning, LOLOL.

Keep warm,