Tuesday, December 16, 2008

boredom and baby talk.

9 days to go! Can you believe it?

I must admit that I am starting to get really excited about Christmas. We still havent gotten ALL of our shopping done but most of it is which feels good. It is snowing outside today--so much that they let school out early. It's supposed to be nasty out for a few days now. It sure feels like winter!!!

The kids are beyond bored. I am too, I have to say. Nora pulled over the Christmas tree today. She came in to the room where I was and said "I knocked the tree down...(she held out her hand and said) "smack my hand mom." haha. I had to laugh. I didnt smack her hand of course but I did put her in trouble on the couch. She just said "I'm in trouble bubba." So cute.

For those of you that know me well, you know that my eyes shake due to my nystagmus. If you dont know me or know about what that is, google it! It's interesting and you'll understand a little better why my eyes shake rapidly when I'm upset, nervous, lying, or extremely sick or tired. They have gotten better with time and most people have noticed a drastic improvement. I suppose I had never thought about the day when my children would notice or ask me about them. Yesterday was that day for Nora. She was holding on to my cheeks, telling me something very important and she said in a panicked voice "mom, that scares me!" I said, "what scares you baby?" She then said "mommy's eyes shaking scares me." I wanted to bawl. I said "oh, no no honey...mommy's ok." She then held my cheeks tighter and said "mama's k?" It was the sweetest moment. Someday I'll want to remember to tell her so that I can explain that I was born this way and by an awesome testimony of God can see her beautiful face today! Thank you Lord!!!

Anyway, all else is good. I'm babysitting today. The little babies are sleeping right now and Nora and Abby are entertaining each other. It's kinda nice. I have class tonight and then I'm making breakfast for supper! Biscuits and gravy to be exact. I wanted something new and warm. So there ya have it. haha. We're sooooooo bored and tired of being inside. Oh and tired of being cold. Other than that, Braden is learning 2-3 new words or phrases a day and is keeping me thoroughly entertained. He's awesome. His new phrase is "I got stuck!" I dont know where he comes up with this stuff. He's so incredibly smart. They both are and I'm so thankful. Ok, enough ramblin. Gonna go do somethin productive...like watch Dr. Phil. hahaha.

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